The Weight of Things

You might have noticed we've taken a little hiatus over here for the past two weeks. I have an excellent excuse for this. Buried under the weight of nearly two decades of accumulated possessions, I was struggling to breath and maintain sanity. I can safely announce that I have emerged. And now that I can unclench my teeth and most of my bruises have faded, I've got something to say....more

Obsess About My Not-Skinny Size? No Weigh, Baby!

I was nine years old the day I started dreading scales. At my Sunday gymnastics class, the instructor weighed all of us. Then she pulled me aside. ...more
I get on the scale every now and then to see where I'm at, especially if I feel a little heavier ...more

Is BMI an Accurate Gauge for Weight?


Excellent article!

You're right about BMI's imperfections. While absolute BMI (the actual ...more

Fitness Friday: Scale? What scale?

On January 1st I declared: January diet? Nope, I bought bigger clothes. Skipping a diet does not mean that I’m not concerned about my health or fitness. I’m just no longer fixated on being “skinny.”  More specifically, I’m not interested in targeting a number on a scale that requires me to diet year-long to stay there. ...more

Where is the Line Between Your Weight and Yourself?

Girl Disappearing by Curly Tops The thing that breaks me is knowing my babysitter can't stay past an hour. White as a sheet, I step on the scale. The silence that had started at our inauspicious beginning continues to blanket the room. I make not a peep as my worth blinks in black and white. She makes not a sound as she writes it down on my chart, her face inscrutable. Surely, I think, she had never seen someone weigh as much as I do. Surely, I think, she is horrified. ...more

Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life. It's so comforting to know I'm not the ...more

Screw the Scale ... for Today at Least.

“Treat your body like a friend and your scale like a machine.”   What a great quote. How often do we, as women, treat our bodies like enemies, berating them and chastising them … and then treating our scales — stupid machines!–like friends? You know the drill: If we see a “good” number we’re happy. A “bad” number and we want to hit something or assume we got “fat” overnight or will gain it all back (we didn’t; we won’t). ...more

Skinny Bitch

Ok, I'm proud of myself. So far I've accomplished what I set out to do today. I didn't make it to the gym before class, sooo I decided to skip class and let myself sleep late. Then I went to the gym, burned about 300 calories on the treadmill, did a few sets on the ab machine, amd little work on the arms with 8lb free weights. Next I took a nice long shower, even used some body lotion afterwards. Well, all that workin-out and showing kept me busy til 1:30pm, so I was too late to eat lunch with my friend, which meant I had to head to the dreaded commons all by myself. ...more