Beware of Storm Related Scams

The crazy (and deadly) weather has scammers and thieves coming out of the woodwork. Whether you have been directly affected by the tornados or not, scammers are preying upon people’s fears. Beware and never open your door to strangers. Keep your home security system turned on during the day. And beware of phone calls from scammers too....more

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Job Scams Up As Economy Downs

If you are paying attention to the economists, we aren’t out of this just yet. High unemployment is keeping scammers employed by preying on the vulnerable. While burglaries are up, personal and home security goes beyond home alarm systems. It means scammers are coming from all directions. In general, there are a few types of job related scams to be aware of. Rule of thumb is if it isn’t a job that you are familiar with or a service you have heard of, it is probably a scam. If it’s not a job you would see printed on a business card, it’s a scam....more

Spring Is In The Air (And So Are Dating Scams)

Despite the recession, online dating and matchmaking services are becoming increasingly popular. More than ever before, people are looking for love online.Like a roller coaster, online dating can be fun and exciting, or it can be nauseating. Most dating veterans have been there, done that, with a few regrets and lots of lessons learned. While you may have already experienced a lot, you have yet to see it all. It’s essential to be able to distinguish a conscious, healthy search for a mate from one that is potentially destructive....more

Elderly Scams Heating Up

Unfortunately the media is reporting lots and lots of scams directed towards the elder population. We’ve discussed these scams at length in these posts, and we are going to again today. As long as there are victims, we need to be reminded of how to protect those who need protecting. Real time – real life examples are often the best teaching tool providing insight to the scammers process and what to look out for. Print this out or email it to someone who needs to be reminded:...more

The Great Sellout: Legal Tips for Using eBay, Craigslist and Amazon to Sell Goods

Hyper-Consumerism The words, "We're having a baby" are basically synonymous with "We're about to become hyper consumers." If you have childre...more

Snow Removal Scams Plague The Elderly

The lowest of low life scammers generally prey upon the weaker and often the frail. And all too often that is children or elderly. In this case, snow removal scams happen when we have winters like this one where snow is piling up 6-10 feet over the course of the season....more

In the Spirit of the Holidays: Donating to Charities and Avoiding Scams

A Giving Spirit Once upon a time, I volunteered, freely giving of my time and money, as much as possible....more

Job hunters beware!

So recently, I re-upped my account and started in earnest searching there as well as Craigslist, Indeed, and a few other places. I'm in rather dire straits for a job with benefits, though at least my current job (at home transcription) is giving me an income. ...more

Beware of Forensic Mortgage Loan Auditors!

HollisC  Today, TransUnion reported a first quarter drop in the mortgage delinquency rate from 6.89 to 6.79%. However that rate is still 4 to 5 percentage points higher than the historical average and home prices aren't really moving up....more