Biggest Childhood Fear

 Every child has fears.  It's reasonable because a child has not yet developed comprehension of the world around them and how it works.  Shadows on the wall at night that move are ghost or monsters that will attack when they close their eyes.   My fears as a child went deeper.  Things I could see with my eyes did not cause me to fear.  Things I could not see did.  Things I could feel but didn't know where they came from caused me fear, like sounds in the night. ...more

Angry and Scared

There is a for sale in front of our house.  It is very bittersweet for us.   It was crazy last night with all sorts of lookie-loos driving by and stopping, wanting to see the house .  Not happening, we told them all to call the realtor.  Isn’t that the proper way of doing things?  ...more

Embrace Your Little Night Time Scaredy-Cat

My 3 year old’s slept by herself since she came home from the hospital. She’s slept through the night since 3 or 4 months old. I’ve never had to worry about her keeping me up at night. Ever.(Her younger brother is another story, for another blog post.. some day.)...more

I lost my kid.

I lost my kid.At Kohls.She was two years old at the time, my oldest was four.My husband and I were vacation-clothes shopping for our upcoming family trip to visit his sisters in California.It’s always better for both of us if we split up while shopping-he’s a gawker and a browser.  I’m a find-what-I-need-try-it-on-get-the-hell-out kind of shopper so we do better alone.  He takes one kid, I take one kid-it just works. ...more
Been there, done that.  Darn kids!more

Today made up for yesterday.

330am and I really can't sleep now. Yesterday I had a Dr appt with my specialist for baby Drew. We started seeing her because his kidney's were enlarged. It had me worried but he grew into them by the next month. I thought my 2nd appt would be the last one since we had such a good report. However, she told me that his tummy wasn't growing as plump as she would have liked to see. He was measuring in the 25th percentile by his tummy size. I wasn't too concerned, considering I'm a petite person myself and I was in the same percentile at birth. ...more

Magnificent Monday How to Take Action - Be Scared But Move

Magnificent Monday - it is magnificent to be scared, but still take action and move....more

Magnificent Monday - Dream a Big Dream

Magnificent Monday - there is something truly magnificent about having the courage to dream a big dream and making the dream come true....more

I'm a Marine Mom?

  Can you sense my apprehension, my confusion, my fear.  I sometimes feel that those emotions are overshadowing the strongest one ~ pride....more

It's the Ninth.

It's the Ninth.The day I have been waiting for.The day we have been praying for, for months now.I am terrified.To explain my past a little further, my father died when I was younger and my mom has been the only source of legitimate income for years. She was laid off months ago forcing her to apply for unemployment. Since she has been jobless she has been at home, applying for job after job with no luck....more

i am a flake

I am a flake When I am safely behind my keyboard, I don't notice the scars left from behind from recent events. Brand new experiences are fine, it's those tricky backward steps that get me every time....more