Forget Pumpkin Spice Lattes! 8 Real Reasons Girls Love Fall

Load up the jeep, uncover the convertible, and pick out a cute cover-up, because it’s summer and we’re headed to the beach! Hooray! But, come mid-August, with over a month of summer left, girls everywhere are quietly aching for autumn. We start pinning boots and long sweaters, and we may even sneak a light scarf into our late summer outfits....more

DIY Quote Scarf

When I saw this scarf on Pinterest, I knew I had to try and make one for myself. This project is super easy although a little time consuming.What you’ll need:scarftea bags and bowl of warm water (optional)Sharpie or fabric markerA selection of poems, quotes, or lyrics...more
Ooo, la, la, I love this idea!more

How to Throw an Arm Knitting Party

Arm knitting is super simple, and produces a scarf in less than 30 minutes! It's DIY-accessible; you don't need any knitting needles; it's also really fun. And hey, what's fun for one person is a blast for a bunch, right? So grab some yarn and call your pals—it's time for a play date with a purpose. It's time, my friends, for an arm knitting party! Here's the scoop ...more
This is looks like a lot of fun!  I miss the days seeing you on Knitty Gritty.  I'll definitely ...more

WIP Wednesday

Finished my Sunset With Lily scarf just in time! I love how it turned out. It has an awesome drape! Pardon my mismatched outfit. I was too excited to change tops! (And I want the Gold!)Here’s an artsy-fartsy pic without my face in it:...more

DIY Scarf

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Its been hectic trying to get back in the swing of things. My inspiration for this came a picture I saw from P.S. I Made This --an amazing DIY site-- for making a t-shirt into a scarf. It seems you can turn a t-shirt into just about anything and that got me thinking. Isn't a skirt the same width as a t-shirt?  ...more

My 30-Minute Infinity Scarf

Sometimes, I wonder why I left San Diego, CA for Paris, France. It's really fall out here and the temperature is very low in the morning ( in my opinion! ). Lucky me, Audra from The Kurtz Corner posted a video tutorial about knitting with arms....more

A cold winter day with my DIY scarf clip !

My Diy scarf clip! by The Mora Smoothie


Re-purposed Clothing

 Would you believe that this scarf was once a men's turt...more

How To Tie a Scarf + Once Upon a Time.

I never considered myself a scarf person. Never. I thought it had no purpose other than keeping me warm, but then it would simply became a nuisance as soon as I stepped outside and began a snowball fight, skiing, building a snowman, and the heat became unbearable. Off went the scarf, wet mittens, all three pairs of socks, all into a heap of soaked annoying winter accessories. And they were ugly. Then, I was given this scarf. ...more