Don't Judge, Everyone Has Scars – Part 2

Don't Judge, Everyone Has Scars – Part 2The past beats inside me like a second heart.  ~John Banville...more

Cut in half by a bad magician

Kathleen Riley-Daniels...more

proud flesh

Proud Flesh, "exuberant granulation tissue" - the first stage in the creation of scar tissue. Proud flesh is for me, more aptly stated as an end rather than a beginning....more

crashing memories

this is what i remember of that daythe day of the car accident.**** i was four.we were on our way to pre-school.i couldn't wait to get there(i think we were going to stomp on grapes)i was bouncing up and down, up down on the bench seatof our white plymouth'mommy, hurry up! hurry up!'we were going to be late,i'd miss the bus to go'hurry up! hurry up!' it was slippery, leaves on bendy, twisting River Road'hurry up! hurry up!'bounce, bounce, bounce...more

A Childhood of Freckles and Scars

I'd run home sobbing a lot when I was a kid (well, until I started to turn around and fight, but that's a different story). If it wasn't my scars, it was my freckles. While I"m sure the mean mini-thugs in my little school would have found fodder in just about anything (brown hair! wooo-hoo, brown hair!), I know I made it easy for them. I was walking bait, all doused in freckles and with those nice meaty scars slicing around my face. ...more

..that's really what my Mom called freckles. "Honey, they just want some angel's kisses too!". ...more

The Scars We Can See ... and Those We Can't

And I have one big scar that runs across my lower belly that is from the birth of my daughters. The c-section I had to have because they were both breech. I have tried to love that scar, but I can't. It's ugly. You see, my skin keloids, and so the scar is not a thin, flat, straight line, but rather an ugly red, hard, lumpy thing. I can't yet see the beauty of it; that without that scar, the birth of my daughters would've been painful and possibly catastrophic to our lives. ...more
Amen sister! The scares that hurt the most are the ones unnoticeable to the watching eye. ...more

Roadmap of My Life

Self-portrait, huh? I'll admit it; my first inclination was to take a super adorable shot of myself mugging for the camera, like the school photo I never had. But then I started thinking more; what did I want this photo to *say*? My portrait for this week is about more than just my face. The stretch marks, the surgical scars, the tiny dots left by large-gauge IVs... all of them, a roadmap to my life. ...more

Oh, this post is so awesome! i adore you on Twitter, but this? This is pure, raw, personal ...more

(PHOTOS) Here's My Post-Partum Body: No Fear. No Regrets.

My truth is that my body never returned to what it was pre-baby. My truth is that my stretch marks were not minimal and the stretched skin never really puckered back up. My truth is that my belly button will always look a little weird and wrinkly now. My truth is that there will always be a bit of a lip at the bottom of my stomach from where the loose skin hangs, thanks to either C-sections or very large babies. I wanted to post pictures of my truth to show that I have no regrets concerning this truth. I have no fear of it. ...more
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This piece is absolutely wonderful.  While I bounced back ...more