Let's Tie One On!

Okay, so I’m not talking drinks here, I’m talking scarves!  I love vintage scarves.  I had to “put a lid” on my collection because I have over 100 scarves and I finally had to ask myself, “Really?  Do I really need yet another scarf to go into a bin?”  Sure, I have used them as headbands, tied them on purses, used them as belts and even framed some of them.  But for the most part they just sit there.  I’m not willing to part with them so I do pull the bin out every once in a while to take a peek and get my happy on....more

Three Ways to Tie a Scarf

Happy Bastille Day! Coco Chanel said, "Dress shabbily and they notice the dress; dress impeccably and they notice the woman." Chanel dressed to her personal ...more

Monster Scarf + Valentine's Giveaway.

Go big or go home.It’s a good motto, especially when it comes to scarves. I’m talking huge, wrap-around-you-four-times, basically-wearing-a-blanket type scarves. Monster scarves, Godzilla scarves. Not only is this super cozy, but has a nice style pay-off.That is what I asked for as a Valentine’s present, by the way: a new scarf. The bigger, the better. Since we won’t be out of the cold anytime soon, I might as well stock up....more

Stylish Ways to Wear and Tie A Scar

With the winter weather upon us it is time to incorporate cute and trendy ways to add a scarf to your wardrobe.  We all want to look good and accessories are a great addition to any stylish outfit.  The issue with scarves is that if not worn correctly they can add bulk and actually deter from your overall attractive appearance.  Here are a few simple ways to wear and tie a scarf fashionably....more

Outfit Of The Day: Bright Scarf

I am a huge fan of a pop of color in an outfit- it adds personality and some instant style to your look. Whether that be with a handbag, shoes, an item of clothing or other accessories- I really like to add a focal point to my looks. Today I did that with a scarf, and honestly it is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to inject a little life into an outfit that you feel a bit tired with. Scarves can be purchased nearly anywhere and at any price level....more

Ultra feminine floral spring chiffon scarves!

Floral Spring Chiffon Scarves:Very romantic, very elegant, really unique – a touch of luxury!...more

Who loves scarves? Win a $20 gift cert to Scarves.Net !

Scarves.Net is offering one of my readers a chance to win one of their gorgeous scarves.  They’re giving one lucky winner a $20 gift certificate, and remember, all their scarves are under $40 and I think most are under $20.  Really easy entry - follow me or scarves.net on twitter, fb, g+, etc and you can win!  It's a very low entry giveaway so head here for more details --> http://stef0nie.tumblr.com/post/20472467886/scarf-...more

Wordless Wednesday (not quite)

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home I made this scarf (and Julie made a really cute headband) by following the instructions here....more

Act hot for a crush and not this heat

 Lately I've been walking up and down our hallways at school thinking up different ways to beat the heat (it was 90 degrees yesterday in Ms....more

Knit Wit 2

You know I got done with that tubular scarf and I showed my husband and he said it looked like a snake.  I chose the color cause it looked like my painting The Lady of the Loch...more