Perfect Scent

Candles come in many scents. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right scent for you, and your home. Our scents are so spot on, everyone will think you just finished cooking or gardening. visit for the best soy scented candles....more


If you have a fireplace that you cannot light, camouflage it with a basket of lights....more

Some Ideas for a Gift Basket

In a basket, add a cookie sheet, Betty Crocker cookie mixes, measuring spoons, cups, a rubber spatula, over mitts, pot holders, a muffin pan and mixes, dish towels, dish cloths or an oven timer. Whatever you do, whatever you can afford. Make a basket with a bottle of dish soap, a spray cleaner, brillo pads, windex, paper towels, dish towels and cloths or sponges....more
Someone just had a baby or recovering an illness, or depression? A C.D. of soothing ...more

Salt Scrub Recipe for Smooth Summer Skin

Salt is a great for exfoliating skin. Plus is has the added benefit of removing toxins from your skin. A salt scrub made from a combo of sea salt, your favorite oils and scents is perfect for getting your skin in shape for tanning season this summer or to just show off those legs! Use your handmade salt scrub all over your body for soft smooth skin paying special attention to feet and hands! ...more
This seems easy and I love scrubs.  I will have to give this a try. ...more

Hot Perfumes for Winter - Jo Malone English Pear & Wild Freesia Review

Looking for a new scent for the winter or a gift that is sure to please? I confess, I’m guilty of being a polygamist when it comes to perfume.  With so many amazing options out there, how can a gal be married to just one signature scent?   My perfume changes with my mood, outfit, and occasion – sticking with the same scent is just plain boring, in my book.  I’m all about variety in my perfume cabinet.  I love a sweet spritz of Fresh Sugar Blossom as much as I enjoy an evening date with the spicy notes of Michael Kors’ Kors.  And while I’ve been known to...more

Scents so right.

I love fragrances, but I think my favorite fragrances of all are those that are related to foods or places in some way. One of the top ten handmade places I've shopped for handmade fragrances online is Modern Atelier. I originally found this shop on Etsy. However, it has since moved on to it's own domain.  ...more

What the Fragrance Finder Found

There's something new traveling around the beauty and perfume blogs -- the Bath and Body Works Fragrance Finder;. As a quiz-and-meme lover, as well as someone who's interested in perfume, it's a neat little widget to help you discover your "Fragrance Mood". ...more

Searching for a guy scent

Young ladies, you may line up here for the high-fives -- my mom and I are indeed responsible for setting up my younger brother with the good-smelling colognes. ...more

My sons are now in their late twenties but I remember those smelly days!  The main thing I tried ...more

A new G-guilty pleasure!

"Here, smell my elbow -- not my wrist, my elbow!" I told my friend as we stood on Market Street. She did. "Do you like it?" I asked. "Very nice," she said. "Can you guess what it is?" "No idea," she said. ...more

The Scent of Sales- Should Fragrance Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Many people have a favorite fragrance and your favorite small business may have an aroma too!  Fragrance as a marketing strategy for small business is a growing trend.  Some business owners are finding ways to connect with consumers and build brand awareness by appealing to customer's noses! Did you know Omni hotels are perfumed with a mix of green tea and lemongrass? It is one example of the way scents are playing a bigger role in today's business climate.  Studies have shown that a scented environment leads consumers to stay longer and spend more. ...more