The Time It Takes

 Just a quick simple errand. That’s all I needed to do. Let’s review shall we?Life Before ToddlersWake up. Get out of bed. Brush teeth, tie hair into ponytail. Throw on ratty sweatpants and t-shirt. (Yes, I wore them even before I had kids.) Get in car. Drive mile down road to strip mall. Hop out of car, hand money to cashier and complete transaction. Return home.Total activity time: 30 minutes. Life After Hurricane Muppet...more

10 things that make my day 10x better

   1. waking up to a clean kitchen. if i can go to bed without a dish in the sink-i wake up happy. in fact, i can't sit and truly relax until the dinner mess is gone. cause i know tomorrow will make me want to kill small rodents just looking at the tragically upsetting space. 2. make the bed. {i give myself until lunch when spousal unit gets home},but it makes a huge difference when it is. huge. just do it....more
@DesiValentine4 oh fridays are a completely different story... i usually purposely leave them on ...more

5 Steps for Using an Egg Timer to Improve your Financial Health

If you find yourself feeling totally overwhelmed when it comes to the thought of organizing your personal finances, then fear no more because this post is being written just for you....more

Ducks in a Row

Make Way for Ducklings is classic Caldecott Medal winning children’s book. It illustrates the story of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard Duck dealing with the daily stresses of life as they attempt to navigate the best path for their fledging family. No wonder it’s still so popular. The most popular comment I get these days is, “Twins! I don’t know how you do it.” (I specify, “comment,” because the most popular question remains, “Are they twins?”) Well, a typical weekday…...more

Baseball Mitt (and losing my mind as a parent)

It was a recent Friday night, and I got rid of the kid.  The Taz’ friend in Windsor asked if he could spend the night after school.  Actually, it was more like his friend’s MOM asked....more

A Crazy Mom's Cleaning Schedule

So, we have lived in our new house about a month now, and I'm getting back into this whole stay-at-home-mom/ housewife thing again after a few years break. The first week after we unpacked everything, I scoured the internet looking for helpful tips on cleaning routines. Back in the day I followed Flylady. Amazing concept, worked for years for me. But now that I'm having to relearn the ropes again, with my new found quirkiness of the last few years, I decided to take a few wonderful points from her and continue the search. As far as daily routines, I found they all pretty much had the same basic steps, which I began immediately (we'll get to those in a moment). As far as weekly routines, though, they were so different from picking a level of the house (ceilings, surfaces, walls, floors) to clean each day of the week, to picking a different room in the house to clean each day, to a little bit of this and that everyday. After all my searching, I found no one else's routines fit me, whether it be because I didn't agree with it, or couldn't remember what I was supposed to be doing on Tuesday (bathroom? No, wait, kitchen... damn). So, I devised a weekly schedule for myself that made sense, is easily followable, and is dummy-proof for my forgetful brain (catchy is another way to put it), at least. ...more

This is AMAZING! Thank you, thank you. I have been looking for something like this.

I have ...more

Blurring the Lines: Work/Life Balance

Self-Sabotage Regardless of the fact that I have been working from ho...more

Getting Organized for BlogHer '10

As I sit here on a rainy day on Nantucket Island I realize that this is my time to catch up on the BlogHer '10 Conference that is occurring in a little over two weeks.The first thing I do is peruse the BlogHer website and let that take me where it will, because all of we bloggers know that we must not fight the wave but ride as far as possible and remember to revisit where you started after the ride ends....more

First Day of the Rest of My Life

Hello everyone (if anyone is out there). I consider myself pretty technologically savvy. However, I am embarrassed to say that I have never participated in a blog prior to today. Yep, I'm no longer a blogger virgin.  I'm going to talk about my hope in this terrible economy to thrive in a home based business as a stay at home mom....more