Who gave the owl the bad rap?

I happen to like them.  Ever look at an owl?  Really look up close?  They have a birds of prey show at our local Renaissance Festival that my kids love to go to, and the owls fascinate me.  The huge silent wings, the perfectly round yellow eyes that just pierce you, the eerie hoot....they are gorgeous and captivating.   ...more


The Break is OVER

Although many of you can say that you have been back in school for a few weeks, I, thankfully, have only been back for ONE week :) Thus, I apologize for my long hiatus from blogging. My Christmas break was exceptionally long and much needed (including from blogging). So, I will very hesitatingly say, good to be back in class, with a schedule, getting this last semester out the way.I know my Christmas holidays are always focused on family and work, and friends of course. I work my butt off. Did any of ya'll work? If so, where? What did ya'll do for your Christmas break?...more

How to Stick to a Schedule, when you're a BUSY Mom!!!

 Lately, I've gotten several emails about putting your babies on a schedule like Brayden is. I thought it might be best if I answered you in a post in case anyone else was interested. I'm by no means an expert - this is just what worked for us and for Brayden. All babies are different and what works for B is just what works for B.I'm a stay at home mom....more

There she goes....

As I site here in my quite office, tears roll down my face.  I just returned from leaving my 5 year old baby at school for her third day at kindergarden.  As I walked her in and held her hand, I noticed that it is not quite as chubby as it used to be.  We walked down the long hallway to her classroom together holding hands and I could feel that lump in my throut getting bigger...she sat down at her new locker to put her backpack in and carefully placed her "outside shoes" where they were to go.  ...more

Organizing Your To-Do List

Overwhelmed by all you need to do? Write it down! Make a list of everything you need to do. Next, assign a day to each task. Those things that are most important and urgent should be assigned to an earlier day. Beside those items you will do on Monday, write an M. Put a T beside the things you will do on Tuesday, and so on. Then, look at the items you have on your list for today. Prioritize them by putting a 1 beside the most important and urgent item on the list, 2 on the next, etc. ...more

Back to School; Back on Schedule

  By Sarah Welch & Alicia Rockmore ...more

Increasing Efficiency

Ever feel like that hamster in a cage, moving but not going anywhere? Here are a few ways to increase your efficiency and productivity. - First and foremost, know your priorities, passions, and gifts. Use these as filters for incoming opportunities and requests. If you're not sure what is important to you, you may be controlled, by default, by others' agendas. - Create a master weekly schedule that includes your priorities, passions, and gifts. Use this as you plan your schedule each week. If your schedule is erratic, create a master list. ...more

A Dozen Tips for Efficient Appointments

Have you ever arrived at an appointment to find that you have been stood up? Or the person with whom you were meeting didn't do what was necessary to make the appointment worthwhile? When appointments are thwarted, it is harder for you to reach your goals in a timely manner. Here are a few tips to help make your appointments most efficient: 1. Know the objective of the appointment before you agree to it. 2. Ask whether the appointment might be accomplished over the phone or via email, rather than meeting face-to-face, saving time. ...more

A Dozen Ways to Take the Stress out of Big Projects

We all have big projects we must accomplish at different points in our lives. It may be a normal part of your job or a fund-raiser for your child’s sports team or doing a home improvement project. Whatever the case, if you plan ahead, you can eliminate much of the stress that could accompany a big project. Here are a few tips: 1. Break down your project into categories and then to specific tasks in each category. 2. Estimate the time it will take do each task. Err on the side of over-estimating rather than under-estimating. ...more