Money and Scheduling...How do YOU do it?

Scheduling and money…how do YOU do it?  This is a keeping’ it real post. Sharing my soul with you. The last 2 weeks my schedule was and is really tough. If not for the help of my husband, my MIL and my friend and neighbor, something would have had to give. Either my Little Man missing out on his Jiu Jitsu class or party, or me having to give up a gig. Neither of which is good....more

Five Tips for Scheduling Classes this Semester

In just a few days, my student SIS system will allow me to start registering for classes for the fall semester. I'm extremely excited about this but also intimidated. ...more

Here's the plan: I need a plan

Here's the plan: I need a plan. The honeymoon phase of both kids being in full time school is wearing off and I am finding out that I have no idea how to schedule myself. The obvious and important tasks are getting done - laundry, grocery shopping, Target trips, but a ton of other stuff keeps falling through the cracks. I know how my brain works and I operate best if I have a schedule with deadlines....more
@Karen Ballum I think you're exactly right!more

Do You Give Yourself Enough Time & Space?

You promised yourself that you’d leave the office at a sane time for the upcoming weekend or that long-awaited vacation, but do you?  Or do you try to do “just one more thing”? Sound familiar? You decided to be your own boss because you wanted freedom and flexibility. But, are you giving it to yourself? ...more
It actually depends on what type of business that you are in. I have had multiple businesses ...more

Having Your Cake But Eating the Frosting

Whether a hobbyist or a pro, a writer has personal demands that seldom pause for breath.Case in point: If the writer is one whose mind is constantly churning out ideas for new projects, the writer cannot stop herself from putting those ideas down on paper or on the computer.Flip side: If the writer comes up against the wall of blocked ideas, she cannot stop thinking about the fact that she's blocked and without any new ideas to work on.See what I mean? Constant demand for attention from the mind. Why?...more

Ways to Make Scheduling Easier

Meeting with other people is a huge part of doing business. Whether you are following up from networking events, meeting with prospects, making time for exploratory chats with partners, or scheduling customers, it all comes down to getting it on the calendar. With everyone being busier than ever it behooves you to make it quick, easy, and convenient. The less time you spend on low-value tasks like back and forth scheduling emails, the more time and energy you have for working in and on your business. ...more
Great point - I have to say finally having a smartphone w/ calendar made my life easier. As for ...more

Letting go of the reins

The first few weeks of summer vacation are admittedly hard in our family. It’s not because the school year is finished. Quite the contrary, actually. I welcome three whole months (or at least 2 of those months before the kids kill each other in boredom) free from projects, homework, bagged lunches, the daily scramble to find kid clothes that are both clean and rip-free… But at the same time, the change from a school schedule to lack of a structured schedule always throws me for a loop....more

Taking the Time to Make Time

I have been thinking a lot lately about my schedule and how I am going to get it all done, including a little time for me. I have sort of been freaking out, because my schedule is going to be picking up a lot here soon- not a bad thing, I know, and I am not complaining. I am actually really excited as well as very anxious....more

Work-Life Balance: The Uncertainty of the Fire Life

Being married to a firefighter has its perks. His 24-on, 48-off schedule allows for easy scheduling and schedule maneuvering (in theory). We have a whole family of firefighters, fire spouses and other fire kids who are willing to help and play when we need it. And that whole "hot firefighter" thing isn’t too shabby. But it does have its... moments. ...more

My boyfriend is a Coast Guard pilot and he works at least one or two days a week "on duty" where ...more