Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, ya'll are gonna love this!!!!! If you don't already know about this razor you better text SCHICK TO 24444 to get your free sample. I got clued in about this freebie from  http://freebies4mom.com . Heather Hernandez runs this site and her site is AWESOME!!  When I request freebies from her site I always get them. I have requested several freebies from all over the internet and from several other freebies sites....more

A Cut Above, The Razor's Edge, The Nick of Time...Oh, Whatever, It's About Shaving.

In the past, I was never particularly faithful when it came to razors. By and large, they got the job done, and really, I bought pretty much anything, as long as it had at least two or three blades. Clearly, I had exacting standards. ...more

After my blood bath (SERIOUSLY) from the Soleil, I made  a new rule for myself, "Don't ...more