To the Internet Hecklers Capitalizing on Jake Lloyd's Schizophrenia Diagnosis

Civilian or celebrity, if you have a mental illness, you can’t run away from it. It will not be ignored. Rather, it will track you down, wrestle you to the ground — and potentially, even immobilize you and steal your life. Star Wars’ actor Jake Lloyd — who played Anakin Skywalker in Episode I, The Phantom Menace — suffers from schizophrenia. According to his mother, Lloyd was off his meds when he physically attacked her last year....more

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The Return of Carleatha

My daughter is caught in a hamster wheel. She can jump off occasionally, but before long, she is on again ... running for her life. A couple of years ago I wrote about her battle with a depressive episode that lasted for months. She spent many weeks in the psych unit at the local hospital. She's been in and out several times since, sometimes for mania, but this time, once again, she's depressed. One of her floor mates two years ago is now her roommate. ...more