Recently, I was asked if I had ever had the experience of a coach messing with my child or myself.   I assumed it was related to the Athletic Recruiting and decided it would be a great topic for my newsletter. So here is a shot at trying to explain what your child’s recruiting journey can be like. ...more

College money for kids with ADHD!

I just ran across this info about a new scholarship program for high school kids with ADHD who are making the transition to college, vocational or technical school. It's called the Shire ADHD Scholarship Program (it's a biopharmaceutical company, so they can afford it!) and they give out 25 one-time scholarships on August 9....more

Moms of teens: Blog about teen driver safety

  I've tried twice to start a blog. The second time was actually fairly successful. But then life got in the way, and the blog quickly went on an indefinite hiatus.  I envy any woman who can juggle work, family, friends and maintaining a blog. It's no easy task. So as a fellow blogger, I'm happy to give bloggers who are passionate about keeping teen drivers safe on the road an opportunity to get in front of a whole new audience. I work for Bridgestone Americas, overseeing their teen driver safety efforts....more

Drawing for $500 to spend at college - enter your teen's profile!

Honor Student Magazine is giving away $500 to help with college expenses.  ...more

Seeking Biblical Scholarship over Biblical Hubris

Pastor Grizzard of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina plans to burn versions of the bible, music and other objects that are not in alignment with his church’s belief system. One of the definitions of hubris is pride of presumption. Here are the exact words copied from a cached version of the website: ...more

The NIV is translated for people to understand the bible better (less ''thou shalt'' ye'' and ...more

Domestic violence victims may be eligible for scholarships, grants & cosmetic surgery

Domestic violence victims go through physical and emotional pain. Most of these women and sometimes men too, need medical attention and counseling. But what happens once they leave their violent past and move on their own into society? ...more
I have struggled tough the last 5 years of college, but never thought once about giving up. I ...more

Respecting (All) Women in the (Academic) Workplace

A confluence of blog reading and personal reflection has once again drawn me to the question of women in academia. Specifically, I've been musing on women in the academic workplace--because I think when we say "academia" we're not always talking about the physical embodiment of its space in classrooms, cubicles, offices, and especially support staff members. But what brought on this reflection? ...more

I have earned scorn and respect both with my decision to absent myself from my PhD for a year ...more