Berkeley Schools: A Sustainable Food Model

Imagine a school that serves up healthy cafeteria food sourced by local farms, respects the environment, supports garden and cooking education in the classroom, and makes a positive difference in the community....more

Lunch Wars Author Amy Kalafa Talks to BlogHer

We're reading and discussing Amy Kalafa's book, Lunch Wars this month in BlogHer Book Club. I wasn't even halfway through the book before I was calling my second-grader's school nutritionist. Karen and I talked to Amy about her journey and she gave us, well, some food for thought. ...more
I am packing it all away in my memory bank for when my kids are older. Thanks for sharing.more

What's Going on at The Mount and Ask Chef Dennis

Someday's I wonder how I ever survived working all year long.  As the year winds to a close the girls and I both know how many more days of school we have left....sigh  ...more

Time for lunch...and a little activism

I remember a few things about school lunches growing up. I remember that, most of the time, I brought lunch from home rather than eating lunch at school. I remember finding notes from my Mom in my lunch, and how much I both enjoyed and was terribly embarrassed by this fact. (That being said, Mom, thanks for the notes – some days, I wish I could open my little lunch cooler at the office and have one waiting for me!) And, of all the food I remember, I most recall the weird, greasy rectangles of fairly flavorless “pizza” served up by the Fairfax County Public Schools cafeterias. On the rare days that I actually got to buy lunch, I often chose the pepperoni incarnation of this particularly disgusting “treat,” the pepperoni really more like small dots of processed, brightly-colored, well, I have no idea what they were. They were chunks, and they didn’t really taste like normal pepperoni, and, well, that particular lunch cannot have been good for me. ...more

Superstargenius, I haven't done much reading on the connection between solid nutrition and ...more