Sharing local foods with the wider community

As October comes to a close, the Eat Local Challenge is thinking bigger and looking for ways to spread locavorism beyond our home kitchens. Week Four (October 24 - 31): Taking it to the Community Week four will focus on eating locally within our communities. We can host potlucks and eat local parties, we can check in with our schools to hear whether they are supporting local farmers with their buying decisions. ...more

There are some great ideas here. I attended a slow food feast last weekend that benefited a ...more

How to kill a turkey, forage for fresh clams, and get organic local lunches in schools

If you've watched Food, Inc., you likely have a pretty good, overall sense of what's wrong with our food system today -- which helps put all the continued news reports of foodborne illnesses and obesity problems in context. Of course, all that continued bad news still gets depressing even if you know what's creating the problems. ...more

Oh no! You'll have to balance them out with your own backyard garden!


Healthy Lunch, Happy Child

"When the bell rang for lunch Frances sat down next to her friend Albert.  "What do you have today? ...more

School Lunch Cookbooks: Inspiration & Recipes for Brown Bag Lunches

Off I went, on the hunt for cookbooks with inspiration for packing school lunches for kids. And yes, I rustled up a few. But for all the food bloggers who aspire to cookbooks? This could be your lucky break! The subject of healthy school lunches seems wide, wide open, looking for a break-through book. Is lunch meat so easy? Is PB&J so ubiquitous? What IS going into the lunch boxes of kids' lunchboxes? Anyway, here's what I found. ...more

You should really check out My Lunch Box released in October by Chronicle Books.  Great ...more

School lunch brings up memories, nutrition, and the Obama girls

When I was in elementary school (lo those many years ago), I loved buying hot lunch. I thought it was delicious. And I doubt that my parents ever stopped to worry about whether or not it was sufficiently nutritious; surely it was better than whatever I probably would've packed for myself. ...more

From a purely cost standpoint, I could pack a lunch for my daughter much more economically ...more

Turning back-to-school lunches green

People often think "going green" means you have to spend a lot of money. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Making school (or even work) lunches green doesn't require a huge outlay of cash. In fact, by packing eco-friendly lunches, you are more likely to save money, your children are more likely to eat healthier foods, and you are taking care of the earth by producing less waste. It's a win-win-win!  ...more


It was actually your post-BlogHer post where you pointed out the organic fruit ...more

But what goes inside the lunch box?

Last week I dared to break the tranquility of summer and start talking about lunch boxes and the impending return to school; this week I'm thinking about what goes inside of those carefully-chosen containers. ...more

I just discovered Nutella on wheat for my kindergartener at the end of last year after an entire ...more

Let's talk about lunch boxes

I know plenty of you are going to stick your fingers in your ears and chant "LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" at this one, but I can no longer deny the reality: School is starting up again in just a few weeks. (Yes, I know those of you who don't live in the south have more time; maybe as much as a month before heading back. But for us it's just around the corner.) Every year I embark on a quest for the perfect Lunch Containment System (LCS). Every year I get a little bit closer to perfection. By the time the kids leave for college I'm pretty sure I'll have mastered it. Ahem. ...more

I am in the same situation.  And with my 5 year old son about to start Kindergarten, I ...more

There's no such thing as a free (hot) lunch anymore

We've all heard of the infamous "deadbeat dad" who doesn't pay his child support; in Albuquerque, New Mexico, they're now cracking down on "deadbeats" who don't pay their children's school lunch balances. ...more

I cannot imagine sending my sons to school with no food.  It's just cruel.  I went without ...more

Bento for Back to School

So it's back to school for the kiddoes, soon if not already. And what's for lunch? Lunch boxes and brown bags are so 2005, now it's all about the bento box, the coolest lunch carrier for kids, teachers and anyone who takes a lunch to work. So let's take a quick lesson in bento. ...more

I found out about bento last winter, and I fell in love! I've started my own blog about it at ...more