Hungry Children: A One-Act Play

[Setting: The Halls of Power]Guy in Suit: The media keep saying that there are hungry children in America.Other Guy in Suit: Let them eat dinner.Bleeding-Heart: That's the problem. They don't have dinner to eat. Or even breakfast maybe.GIS: We already give them lunch at school. That's five days a week.B-H: Unless they're absent or on vacation or a snow day.OGIS: Then it's the parents' problem....more

10 Tips for Packing Healthy School Lunches

I have several friends who have kids going into kindergarten. Many of them have asked me for ideas about how to pack healthy lunches for their kiddos without going insane from the time and effort it takes to make lunches every school day. ...more
Awesome tips! I've been packing lunches for 4 years (3rd grader, 1st grader, preschooler) now ...more

20 School Lunch Ideas They'll Love

I have a love/hate relationship with school lunches.As in, I love it for the first week, and dread it by the second week.Between making lunches that can withstand the swinging, kicking and sitting on of the lunchbox and making things that are allergy-free, kid-approved and healthy - I'm out of creative ideas before the school year has even begun.Regardless, making healthy lunches is a priority for me....more

Upgrade Your Kids' Lunch Boxes This School Year

Registered Dietitian Katie Morford of Mom's Kitchen Handbook comes to the rescue this year with Best Lunch Box Ever, which is packed with recipes for salads, sandwiches, and other treats that kids will love to find when it's time to refuel midday. ...more
Thanks for this share. It is really helpful for those moms who is working like me. I always ...more

The School Cafeteria: A Kid's Point of View

Well, I must be doing something right.  My 9 year old daughter eats really well, makes good choices even without me, is growing to love cooking, and generally has a good awareness of how the right food nourishes our bodies.   ...more

School Lunches: Friend or Foe?

I’m a couple weeks into packing lunches for the kids, and things are going pretty smoothly. For the most part, lunch boxes are coming home empty, and when they aren’t empty, I’m querying my children as to why their lunch has not been eaten. I’ve heard a variety of reasons from "You gave me too much to eat," or "I was talking to so and so," to  the more straightforward reason, “I don’t like it.”...more

'Pink Slime' Worms Its Way Into School Lunches

image via the Office of the Manhattan Borough President ...more

Hey Moms, Look Out! Fatty Meat Coming to Your Child’s Lunch Tray

Last month, U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the USDA was reversing a rule limiting the amount of meats and grains students were given in their school lunches....more
Well, hey! You can just send your kid to school with a turkey sandwich, carrot sticks and a bag ...more

Where's The Beef?: Public School Lunches Lean on Meat

This fall, public school menus across America have been adjusted to align with new federal standards from the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. President and Mrs. Obama advocated for the passage of this act. It's federal policy. To be reimbursed by the National School Lunch Program, schools must adhere to these rules....more
@jandamom I agree. The standards are a great start. We all have to work together to make needed ...more