When Your Child Gets Sick

I was only a few minutes into the warm-up during a fitness class at the gym when my phone rang. It was the nurse at my daughter's school."Mrs. Cheng? Megumi is sick and she wants you to come pick her up."Why now? She was a bit dizzy this morning but thought she was going to be fine, so this couldn't be too serious. I was just starting one of my favorite classes, looking forward to burning a lot of calories with a group of other like-minded fitness fanatics like me. Can't Meg take a nap in the school nurse's office for the next 57 minutes?...more

Tips From the School Nurse: Sleep and How Much Our Kids Need

Sleep. Most of us feel like we don’t get enough and that includes our kids. I know when I don’t get enough sleep, I’m cranky, short tempered and can’t focus. I’m just at work and then carting my child around to various activities. I can’t imagine having to pay attention to teachers at school, coaches at practice, putting forth the effort in practices and then having to do homework on top of all that. ...more

In 4th grade my usually exuberent daughter went through a significant behavior change where she ...more

The Life of a School Nurse: I Was a Kid Too, and I Know All the Tricks

Growing up and going to school, I never really noticed a school nurse around, and I would have been the person to notice one. I would try to get out of school all the time. I would fake stomach aches, have the mysterious "I just don't feel good" symptoms and, at times, fake a fever. And these things would happen at school because I knew my mom would never, ever keep me home from school unless an actual fever or vomit was produced. If there had been a school nurse around, I would have been her worst nightmare. Fast forward 20 or 30-something years, and now I'm a school nurse. ...more
Thank you for this! I just received a call from my daughter's school nurse for a headache, and I ...more

Why is the school calling me, it's only 1 in the afternoon...

Not a day goes by that I do not kiss Emily good-bye, tell her I love her and pray that she is safe while in the school’s care. I have heard too often the could’ve, would’ve, should’ve and refuse to be one of those parents. So, when I get a call from the school in the middle of the day, I have to stop to catch my breath – which is precisely what happened on this day. I answered my cell phone and mild heart attack avoided, it’s the school nurse….now, small palpitations start. ...more

Vomit Watch '08

Today I am on Vomit Watch '08. No, I am not refering to the impending elections. Rather, I am inviting you into my world today, as a virtual in-home prisoner, just waiting for a call from the school nurse. You see, Thing 2 came down to breakfast today and told me that he wasn't feeling well when he was upstairs. ...more