When Do We Teach Kids to Conform vs. Being an Individual?

Tomorrow is picture day at my kids' elementary school, and this year is a big one: My daughter is in fifth grade. While the children in the other grades usually sport a range of attire (with my kids typically at the most casual end of the spectrum), fifth graders are supposed to step it up significantly. Since the start of school, I've been receiving notices about fifth grade picture day. All of them have contained this language: Fifth grade boys traditionally wear dress slacks, button down shirt, tie, jacket and dress shoes. Fifth grade girls traditionally wear dresses....more
It is such a fine balance isn't it? Not just picture day but everyday, in all sorts of ...more

School Picture Day and My Morning as a Stage Mom

Today was picture day at school. When I received the email and the flier to prep us, there was a silent prayer along with it that said, "In this, the several days you have, please teach your child how to sit and smile at the camera without bugging out their eyes, sticking out their tongue or screaming to see what they look like a second after the picture is taken."...more
Awesome. I just got the proof from my son's Kindy picture. So not buying it. I can get 100 ...more