As a Teacher, We Need Gun Control, Not Code Red Drills

No matter how many Code Red Active Shooter drills we do, I don't think of school as a safe place to be....more
Those who drafted the Constitution supposedly granted to every citizen the right to bear arms.  ...more

Arapahoe High School shooting today, my heart is heavy

My heart is heavy. As I was picking up my older two children from school early this afternoon, I had heard that there was a shooting at Arapahoe High School, which is really close to a good friend's home and which is where people I know attend. When I had heard the news, the school and the area had not been secured yet and the whereabouts of the suspect had not been located....more

Shining a Light on Newtown; A Different Perspective

Almost every blogger did a post about Newtown; every blogger except me. It certainly wasn't because I wasn't sorrowful and affected like the rest of the US, but I just wasn't sure where to start. While the nation grieved, I thought about myself and my own family. It was a selfish thing, but let me explain. You see, my family was affected by a school shooting back before school shootings were all the rage, literally....more

To The Media Covering Newtown

Dear Members of the Media, By now you’ve probably heard the small wave of outrage that is condemning you for interviewing the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School. You already know that furious parents across the country feel that it’s inappropriate to shove a microphone in the face of a traumatized 8-year-old. But have you ever wondered why? It’s because WE WILL REMEMBER. I remember....more
Thank you for this. I am very sorry for the loss of your friend. When I was a neophyte ...more

It's not too early to start talking about gun control, it's too late

I saw several variations of that headline yesterday in other places. I agree wholeheartedly (and I apologize for any plagiarism I'm committing here -- can't recall where I saw it).The idea is that whenever these massacres like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary happen, people go, "It's too soon to talk about gun control! Give people time to grieve! Don't play politics with a tragedy!"But if we've got a school full of dead children and teachers, maybe it's not too soon to talk about gun control, it's too late....more

School shootings are different now...

When I first heard about the Newton shooting today, I was in my end-of-the-day prep period. I was done teaching for the day, and I stared in disbelief at the news rolling in on my Google+ newsfeed. At first, I thought it was just another school shooting. (It's sad that I can label anything "just another school shooting.") Then, I comprehended that it was an elementary school shooting where innocent children were killed by a father. ...more

Weeping with those who weep, once again

My thoughts and prayers go to the victims of today's senseless tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. ...more

Why I Cry for TJ Lane

It's not the first time such a tragedy has shattered its way into our living rooms, our lives. Unfortunately, we also know it won't be the last.The news broke sparsely at first: another school shooting. Another random victim. Another suspect at large.The information trickled in slowly and even now, days later, the aftermath is still confusing, still missing pieces.But what I think I know, based on what the media has told me, is this:...more

Amy Bishop: A Potential Case for Insanity

On Sunday, it was revealed that Amy Bishop was a suspect in an attempted bombing.  This was after yesterday's statement that she killed her younger brother in 1986. ...more