Won't Someone Please Think of the Children? A Community School Supplies Rant

Just when I was reflecting on how rant-free my blog has been of late, I found a post that made me want to bitch slap the author. Since I believe it's assault (and maybe a felony?) to bitch slap a stranger, plus logistically difficult as the author lives far away, I've decided to give her a virtual bitch slap. I'll summarize the post because I refuse to link to it: This mom is incensed by the idea of community school supplies. She finds the idea of buying supplies for her kid, which are then "dumped" together with all the other kids' supplies and shared, EVIL....more
I don't personally care for community school supplies. If the teacher asks for extras on a "wish ...more

The School Supply Saga

 My kids started Kindergarten yesterday. I dropped them off, figured out where to put the numerous things I’d been asked to buy, went back to my car, cried, and called my mommy. Pretty standard first day, I think....more

Back to School Supply Drives for Older Youth

I've been a social worker for over a dozen years and worked in human services for nearly twenty. I've coordinated all sorts of drives and events and donations. Without exception, the most difficult group to attract needed donations has been teenagers. This was most evident when I worked in foster care and would seek donations of gifts at the holidays - we would often receive a handful of CD players (in 2006!) and get a lecture on gratitude.  Or I was told they were old enough to understand not getting a gift. Really?...more

7 Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

It's the most exciting time of the year for bargain shoppers who have kids in school (or for anyone who likes cheap office supplies). For some people, school supply shopping is a big, fun, traditional spending spree. It was for my mom and me. But I’ve made this time of year into a big, fun, traditional savings spree. We watch the sales fliers each week, gather our quarters and our school supply list, and see how little we can spend to get the things we need. On our best year, we spent only $9 on school supplies. ...more
Over the years, I've also learned to buy quality products that last more than just 1 school year ...more

Frugal School Supplies

Sorry the blog is so late today but I spent today shopping for school supplies for next semester.I've preached before about checking Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree for deals.  I saw it again today.I needed four 1.5 inch binders for school.  At Kmart, they were $6.99 each.  At Family Dollar...only $3.00.I bought four, saving $3.99 on each binder.  That is twelve bucks that is much better off in my pocket!!...more

Back-to-School Shopping? Yes, it's Time.

“OhhhhhhhBack To SchoolBack To SchoolTo Prove To Dad That I’m Not A FoolI’ve Got My Lunch Packed UpMy Boots Tied TightI Hope I Don’t Get In A FightOhhhhBack To SchoolBack To SchoolBack To School” – Adam Sandler in Billy MadisonEverybody join in. It’s that time of year again… School is about to be in session. Before you start to panic and come to the realization that you’ll be losing your little, or big ones, again to the start of the school year, let me share some amazing sale finds to make the process a little easier....more

Anti Anti-Microbials: 'No!' to Germ-Free Pencils

As if I don't have enough things in my life to be irritated about, my kid came home from school yesterday with a box of pencils. Oh, but not just any pencils, pencils impregnated with Microban. In little print, it says: "Microban protection inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria on the pencil." ...more
 @ldskatelyn Thank you!more

Hands Off My Pencils or You'll Be Sorry

In Who's Got Mail, Meg Ryan had an obsession with fresh, new school supplies in the fall.  She's not the only one, either....more

Back to School’s a Breeze When You Get Past the Hype

My son, G, is starting first grade on Wednesday, and we’re all ready.It was super easy this year actually.This year, I feel kind of like a veteran at this back to school thing....more

Extreme Couponing Tips for Back-to-School Shopping

We had an awesome extreme couponing week last week, even if we didn't stick to our budget, (again). It was awesome because we got to take advantage of back-to-school sales and buy office/school supplies, and there's not much we like more than fondling note pads, pencils and glue. What? Why are you looking at me like that. You like it too, admit it!...more
Denise, many of America’s Promise Alliance’s 100 Best Communities for Young People would be ...more