Not your grandma's school

Going back to school can be daunting enough without the guilt of taking time away from family. I asked my 6 year old what she thought about mommy being in school, and turns out she focused on the perks, like taking the elevator in the library to visit me and eating Doritos with dad while I worked late....more

April's September

For everyone outside of education, January starts the new year. But as parents, teachers, and students -- fresh starts are made each September. With this being my first blog post, albeit April, it feels like fall. A little scary, a little exciting, and worth celebrating with a new pair of boots!...more

High School Drop Out to Grad School Drop Out

School has always been a huge part of my life. My mom was a preschool teacher as I was growing up. The importance of an education was stressed so much in my household. If I came home with anything less than an A, I knew I'd be met with disappointment. So, when I dropped out of high school, I never really heard the end of it.How was I going to support myself without an education? How was I going to find a well-paying job without some kind of diploma?! What was I going to do - live with my mom the rest of my life?! That’s it. I'd fucked up. I was a failure....more

21 Questions to Ask Your Preschooler

Dear Diary, ...more

My most stressed out time as a parent is ahead of me

There are things that as a parent you can't prepare for. I like lists, so here is just a few of them:...more

Depression is a social desease

When our most recent cat was still alive, I noticed that she would come and sit with me whenever I felt sad....more


I have several passions including running, my kids, etc.  While training for this current marathon season I also started a Homeschool group.  My curious, vibrant LO needed more of an educational structure.  The thought of homeschool frightened me.  I am not a traditional teacher, and at first didn't know many other moms interested in homeschooling.  I researched, read and asked questions.  Our class formed.  Over time our group grew.  Now we are 9 strong.  Teaching children, especially your own, can be overwhelming but yet exciting....more

Why I ignore most of my son's homework

My son has been in school since he was six weeks old. Not daycare. School. Before he reached preschool age, he had endured extensive homework requests to put together collages of various themes, build beanstalks, retell stories and (once) to build a robot. And we did it all because education is important to me....more

Go ahead and talk to me

I keep a few older videos of my son on my phone. I like to watch them and compare what he was like a few years ago to how he is today. One of the items that I notice right away is how he talks. Not necessarily how much he talks (although I notice that, too) but the way he pronounced his words. At the time I took the videos, I was completely used to the sound of his toddler talk....more

I Refuse To Hide My Food

Growing up, my parents were fairly poor. In order to take us out to little things like the fair every summer, my parents would go hungry and take food with us to feed my sister and I. Doesn't sound like a big deal; I mean, they were still taking us to the fair. But they did that so that we could have as good a childhood as possible. When I moved away for university, I got all my mom's recipes and took a whole bunch of Indian spices and cooking equipment with me. But I never used them....more