White matter quality linked to ability to add and multiply (but not subtract and divide)

A new study of healthy 12-year-olds found that those who are good at addition and multiplication have "higher-quality white matter tracts" in their brain. What's odd is that this link doesn't apply to subtraction and division.Why wouldn't it apply to all four tasks?...more

IEP Success

IEP? Are you ready? The big tool to carve an educational program for special children is the IEP - Individualized Education Program. Education is a big task; figuring out what to do with special needs kids in the educational system is gigantic. ...more

Too much to do- am going to take a nap


Dear Overzealous Room Parent

Now, before I get into the nitty gritty of this, would like to state emphatically that I mean this woman no ill-will, I don't think she's a horrible person, I don't think room parents in general is a bad idea, etc. etc. I'm just annoyed. That's all. ...more

Taking notes on paper increases long-term comprehension and academic performance

If you're homeschooling your kids or sending them off to college, take note.A new study published in "Psychological Science" found that taking notes by hand (yes, the old-fashioned pen and paper approach) is better than taking notes on a laptop. The researchers say that longhand note-taking increases our ability to remember conceptual information over the long term and increases our academic performance....more

Finding My Way Through Fear


Why kids struggle with tests; It may not be test anxiety

I just ran across this short video (like 1.5 minutes) about children who experience test anxiety. A woman named Studley Robson (cool name!) of LearningRx in Staunton explains that it may not actually be text anxiety but rather weak cognitive skills, which causes the child to draw a blank.http://www.momseveryday.com/shenandoahvalley/local/headlines?article=255...The brain skills she mentions are short-term memory, long-term memory and processing speed. ...more

5 Reason I Loathe School Fundraisers

I cannot be the only one…who completely understands the need for school fundraising, but hates it just the same.  During our first year enrolled in a public school there has been a fundraiser of one sort or another happening every month, whether our children are being asked to peddle wares from a catalogue or participate in a hoola-hoop marathon, there has been no lack of fundraising activities. ...more

Friday Wrap-Up

The only reason that I'm excited that's it's Friday, is because this Monday is Family Day in a few provinces in Canada. Ontario being one of them. I'm thankful for that and am going to enjoy it. I've learned to take advantage of Government/Federal/Provincial days off, because I have the law behind me to say, I need a damn break! I know that I'll be working on school stuff for the rest of today and all of this weekend....more

Forcing the Valentine's Day Love

I cannot be the only one…who lives in a house ran by boys and who knows that, even with their brawny efforts, making Valentine’s Day anything other than a run-of-the-mill Friday will be up to me, and this includes the Sonny Boy’s valentine exchange at school. ...more