Guilt: The Redux

I made an error in my last post about my daughter's school issues.The assumption that I was responsible for her rapid pace of learning - that my decision to provide a structured learning environment at home is the reason Danica has such strong academic skills - was stated plainly and resonated through every sentence. This arrogant assumption completely undermines the reality that she is responsible for her learning. She is driving this bus....more

Striking a Balance: Tips for Effective Decision Making

The Decision Ironically, as I sit here now, writing about decision making, I'm in the crux of making a decis...more

When your child avoids school

Diagnosing the Mystery IllnessOften those pesky symptoms stem from anxiety, but what’s causing that?...more

3 FREE resources for parents of struggling readers

(This is from a press release sent out by LearningRx....more

ADHD: Helping your child bracket distracting thoughts

This was an interesting column by Dr. Kari Miller, who hosts Special Kid School Talk on

Growing Pains: How to Handle Bullying Whether Your Child is Being Bullied or Doing the Bullying

The Physical Pain of Growing The other night Darling 1 woke up sobbing and crying out, the waking part isn't unusual considering we are all terrible sleepers i...more
Bullying remains a public concern. What we want for our children is that, we want them to have ...more

Little MK: My Middle School Self.

Read more at One of my most recent assignments was to bring in a picture of me from any time between kindergarten and 12th grade.  I didn’t really know why we had to bring them in, but I grabbed the only one I could find in the house and did so anyway.  My teacher put each picture under the projector (yeah…didn’t exactly expect that one.) and asked us what the best “thing” our teacher(s) ever gave us was, and what we wish they had.  It took a little while for the class to ...more

Oh, middle school me. That's when my issues with food began. Stupid middle school.

I still ...more

Teaching Our Kids About Catastrophes Doesn't Have To Be A Disaster

But here's one issue I didn't see coming: teaching our kids about disasters, though I'm not talking about those fire, hurricane or tornado drills I remember from when I was a kid. I'm talking about how we are teaching our kids content related to past catastrophes and present engagements: wars such as Vietnam and Afghanistan, and natural disasters such as Katrina and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. ...more

Humiliation - why I spent my weekend with a stuffed rat

Steve (Izzy's Dad) and I take it in turns to look after Izzy at the weekends, and this weekend it was my turn. So as planned, Steve summarily turned up at my house to drop Izzy off. But with an addition. Under her arm, Izzy was carrying a big, ugly stuffed toy rat (with a horrible thick pink tail). Once Izzy was out of earshot, I turned to Steve. "What in god's name is that vile rat-thing that she is lugging about?" ...more

Some rantings and thoughts needed...

I've had a bee in my bonnet, so to speak, the last couple of weeks.   One of my daughter's best friends is my niece.  I love my niece, but the things she has been saying to my daughter has made me question what she is learning and who she is learning from?...more