Great video on games that build your child's brain skills is a good video about choosing common games that build your child's cognitive skills. I thought it was especially appropriate at Christmas. Many of these games are $10 or less....more

Common chemicals linked to ADHD symptoms

I'm always telling my husband not to microwave plastic because of the links to cancer (not to mention lowered testosterone in boys - and I have a 2-year-old son!). Now I've got even more of a reason for him to not do it: a link between common plastics chemicals and ADHD....more

Thank you for writing about this important issue.  When my child was diagnosed with ADHD ...more

4 Family games to build learning skills this Thanksgiving - courtesy LearningRx (

From a recent LearningRx newsletter: 4 Games to Entertain Your Out-Of-Town Relatives and Your Whole Family This month's focus: 4 games that you can sit around playing at the dinner table that are all helpful for developing underlying learning and thinking skills. Who knew you'd finish Thanksgiving vacation just a little bit smarter? ...more


Friday, November 20, 2009 ...more

FRONTLINE Video: Inside the Teenage Brain

FRONTLINE Video: Inside the Teenage Brain  ...more

America’s Nifty But Not Thrifty Catch Phrase, “In God We Trust”

The catch phrase of every American administration is, "We spend more money on health care, education, and the military than any other country in the world, and our social systems are failing.” What’s the matter with America?  She is fighting for her soul. She can’t walk her talk. Other industrialized nations have left her behind. And third world countries are catching up due to the advent of globalization....more

New study about dyslexic children & auditory processing

A new study seems to show that children with developmental dyslexia might have trouble focusing on a teacher's voice when there's a lot of background noise (other kids, lockers closing, chairs scraping on the floor, etc.) The study, which was published in the November 12 issue of "Neuron, " suggests that kids with developmental dyslexia (problems with reading and spelling) have difficulty separating speech from noise the way non-dyslexic children do....more

My Beach House Devastated by Skittle

Lack of sleep can really hurt your performance at work

Just because your retired mother can function well on 6 hours of sleep doesn't mean you (or your college kid!) can. A study published in Science Daily found that older adults (aged 59 - 82) retain more cognitive function during sleep deprivation that younger adults (aged 19 to 38).The researchers found that older adults' cognitive skills like working memory, selective attention and verbal encoding/retrieval were not as affected from lack of sleep as those of the younger age group. ...more

Favorite Parent: Becoming the Teacher's Best Friend!

...on a journey to nail that perfect balance between supporting the teacher and advocating for my kids. Read articles, posts, tips and tactics from the perspectives of teachers and