Attention 2015 Graduates: The Real World is Calling

I’m running out of time. The countdown has begun to Jimbo leaving for college, and I suddenly have the urge to teach him everything I failed to impart the past 18 years. So I have begun The College List. No twin sheet sets on here – that comes later. This list has all the essentials needed for living a happy, independent life away from home....more

An experience – First week of school.

This week my little boy started his schooling. He was very much excited to go to school, the new uniform and book bag added more enthusiasm to his already excited mind. I had mixed feelings though – happy to see his excitement, nervous about his new surroundings, relieved that he is adjusting to all the changes swiftly, hesitant to let him explore the world on his own, tensed about how he manages without me. Yes, the usual mommy feelings.....more

Back to school essentials, from backpacks to lunch boxes

School days are here again with a vengeance. And for parents and principles, that means paying attention to what the kids and teens are taking with them to those hallowed hallways. ...more

DIY Investigative Journalism: How Bloggers Became Watchdogs in the LAUSD iPad Boondoggle

“If you don’t like the news,” an old saying goes, “make your own.”Doubly so when you’re an education news blogger and parent of a school-aged child....more

ChitChat: First Day of School

6 Ideas to Prepare Young Kids for the First Day of Preschool

The first day of school is kind of a big deal, especially for preschoolers. Leaving the comfort of home isn't easy, but it’s a huge milestone for both kids and parents. Prepare for the first day of school by creating an exciting, positive experience at home. It's important to help kids feel confident and ready to tackle a new experience. Follow these tips to prepare for a great first day of school: ...more
I have two preschoolers and I'm going to try these ideas! Thanks!more

Do your kids do homework right when they get home?

So my friend and I have very different parenting styles. It's partially because she only has one child (girl) and I have two (one of each).She makes her child do homework as soon as she walks in the door from school. I see that as cruel and unusual punishment and don't have my kids do it until after dinner. My theory is that kids need time to run around, have a snack, play with friends, etc. because they've been in school all day. Plus, I don't want them to miss what little sunshine is left by 4 p.m....more

What's New at School? #BacktoSchool

    Recently, I spent sometime around elementary and middle school kids, chaperoning a group of children through the Zoo. While watching the lions and cubs, one of the children started singing Katy Perry's "Roar". It started with just one voice, then the other kids chimed in and started singing the lyrics aloud together....more

Back-to-school organization tips

I ran across this article from The Woodlands LearningRx about back-to-school organizing tips. were some good tips in here. Although I already do some of these with my kids, I really liked the one about "Create an Inbox/Outbox for school notices and papers tha need to be reviewed." My kids are always tossing stuff on my desk or the kitchen counter or worse- leaving them in the car where they fall under the seat!...more

Where your brain does math changes depending on age

According to new research from Stanford University Medical Center, your brain reorganizes itself as you age to do math from different regions.Young children: When learning basic arithmetic, young kids (say, under 8) start by counting on their fingersAround 8 years old: They start to shift from counting on their fingers to pulling math facts from memory. The hippocampus (which shapes new memories) is activated more. The prefrontal and parital cortex (involved in counting) were activated less....more