Kindergarten Readiness - Is your child ready for "Big Kid School"?

School is 4 weeks away for most of our little ones. To the seasoned veterans this can’t come soon enough, but for those of us with a little ones just starting kindergarten; this next month will FLY by. Coming from a pro-preschool Mommy let me tell you, you may think you have the advantage here. Academically, yes you may, but emotionally speaking, preschool is merely the warm-up....more

I survived being unpopular

We moved several times in my childhood, which meant that I had to start over in a new school several times. Although I did my best to fit in, I never made long-term friends this way. I can't really say, "We've been friends since childhood," about anyone. I had friends for a few years, tried to stay in touch, but we always lost each other along the path of growing up....more

Almost There!

After today, there are 2 more weeks until semester 2 is done. I can not wait for the break, but at the same time there is still so much to learn.  I see great opportunities coming my way and I'm not so unsure of the future. I've been given great opportunities and I am determined to make them work for me....more

Birdytell's Favorite Back to School Gear for 2014.

As summer break comes to a screeching halt, it's time to hone in on the best options for back to school gear. We took on the massive undertaking of sorting through the retail madness, so you don't have to waste a precious minute of valuable vacation time. Rest assured, we value awesomeness over deep pockets, so nothing on this list is sponsored.We included items for the youngest students all the way up to the seasoned college crew. There is a lot to love out there, but this list is concise to maximize your leisure time....more

America's Test Kitchen Cooking School

Have any of you ever wanted to go to Culinary School, but never knew how to find the time or come up with the tuition? I may have a solution for you. I was browsing theAmerica’s Test Kitchen website (this is a fun website for cooking nerds like me) and I noticed a Cooking School tab on the page. I of course clicked it, and what do I see?...more

Not Being Promoted - Conversations with Charlie

Report cards came home with students the last day of school. I looked at Charlie’s and pretty much saw what I expected, A’s and 2 B’s. Charlie, however, had a totally different perspective. In case you didn’t know, my son is extremely literal.Charlie – Bad news Mommy. I didn’t get promoted, I won’t be in 4th grade!Me – Huh? What are you talking about? You are going to the 4th grade next year....more

First and Last Day of Third Grade

I was not able to get this posted Friday which was the last day of school. Charlie is now officially a 4th grader! I am so proud of my little man. He has really grown up in so many different ways over the past year.  Elizabeth...more

Working full time plus 2 young children plus college equals crazy

If someone would have told me six years ago that I would be working full time with 2 young children while going to college at the same time, I would have said "Yeah right".  But here I am six years later doing exactly that.  I am taking one class per semester until I get my bachelor's degree.  I am officially crazy.  I am doing it out of necessity though.  In the city that I live in, a person in my field needs a bachelor's degree in order to have job security....more

Fighting the Summer Brain Drain

Here's a good article on ways to fight the summer slide. The stats are pretty scary; brain drain is a real thing! Just read the reaction from the teacher who taught second grade one year then had some of the same students the following year when she taught third grade.- The average student loses 2.6 months of grade-level equivalency in math computation skills- Teachers spend about 4 weeks reteaching and reviewing material because students have forgotten so much over summerThey offer some brain games to do at home. Here's what I read:...more

White matter quality linked to ability to add and multiply (but not subtract and divide)

A new study of healthy 12-year-olds found that those who are good at addition and multiplication have "higher-quality white matter tracts" in their brain. What's odd is that this link doesn't apply to subtraction and division.Why wouldn't it apply to all four tasks?...more