Just Say NO to Busing!


Nice is not a four-letter word

In a former job, I used to have a mean boss. The kind of boss who would tear you down in public, make you feel worthless and mock you if you went to your car during lunch to have a little cry. My coworkers and I became adept at figuring out her triggers and avoiding them wherever possible. Some days we spent more time at work analyzing how she would react to something than doing our jobs. That was the least productive I've ever been....more

Thinking outside the lunch box

My son is in Kindergarten, and he is excited. He is excited about all the new classrooms, books, children and fun to be had. But he is more excited about one particular part of Kindergarten, more than anything else: He can bring a lunch from home. ...more

Good Luck Graduates

   Graduation season is over. From  high school, to college, to  graduate school, people across  the nation are closing one chapter  of their lives and starting another  chapter. It is down right scary at  any age,to lose so much of your  identity. But at the same time, it is  so exciting....more

Why are we all scared of math?

Full disclosure: Math was not my favorite subject in school. But even though I didn't care for math, I still made really great grades in it. To me, math was too finite. If I was writing an essay, I could write my way out of a corner. With math, you were either right or wrong with your answers. And my teachers usually only explained one way to solve the problem, which was hard to follow....more

My Daughter's the N.K.O.T.B. and She's Not Hangin' Tough

Dear Mouthy Housewives, We moved to a new state over the summer. Everything is great, except my daughter is starting a new middle school very soon and she's scared out of her mind. What can I do to help her feel better about the transition? Signed, New In Town ...more
Ok, so you had me at NKOTB, not gonna lie! it would be great if she could meet some of the ...more

Back 2 School Tips & Suggestions

It’s something about the idea of summer coming to an end and school resuming that sends parents into a frenzy to want to swipe their cards and deplete their banks accounts for perceived necessities. I’ll be starting school in the fall as well and before I spend one red cent, I created this checklist for myself and my child:...more
Love your tips! I am sending one back to college and one to 4th grade. So glad that they both ...more

The End of Summer

 It's that time. Summer is slowly coming to an end....more

Preparing Your Child for Preschool

The time is getting closer and soon your child will be heading off to preschool. This generally happens between the ages of three to five. Preschool can be an exciting time for both parent and child....more