To My Stressed-Out Student Who Wants to Give Up

Dear Daughter:Please don’t give up. Don’t drop out of the race early. Don’t quit when the finish line is in sight. You’re almost there. You can do it. You won’t regret giving it your all, all the way to the end, but you might regret it if you don’t. I know you’re tired. I know you’re discouraged and fed up. I know you’re sick to death of studying those notes. I know you don’t care what “passive transport” is. And you’re right: you are never going to have to solve a quadratic equation in “real life.”...more

Mom brings home the bacon. (And the milk.)

My son was six weeks old when I returned to work. And I had the same thought every day when I dropped him off at day care:...more

Exam season: How can I help my teenager (and me!) survive?

Help, it's exam season again!  As the mother of twin teenage girls, I'm feeling the pressure.  If I ask for help stacking the dishwasher, or suggest tidying bedrooms, I am met with a flood of hysterical complaints that I don't understand what it's like to have so much to do.  And yet they still have time for Tumblr and Facebook, it seems....more

Learning like Mommy does

When I was little, I was one of those nerdy kids who really liked school. (Shocking, I know.) I loved my teachers, I liked to learn new things and I even played school on the weekends....more

Bullying in Primary School & the Role of the Teacher

If your child has been bullied at school, or if you've noticed their behaviour and personality has changed, take the time to consider how the teacher regards your child and whether he or she is taking action to investigate the dynamics in the classroom. It can make the world of difference to your child, as I discovered with my own daughter's experiences....more


plans are on the go. About 3 weeks in British Columbia and I can't wait. So it's triple time on getting this course finished or at least up until the final project, which is not due until April 24th. I really do not want to do any school work on vacation, but who knows. Why didn't I wait until the end of April, you may ask? Well I don't want to travel when it's getting too warm, I detest the heat. I don't want to travel when the place will be even busier with tourists. Getting accommodations that I like and that are close to town, will be harder and more expensive....more

She Blinded Me With Science

My kids have helped me make up for all the science fairs I didn't participate in when I was in high school. I'm like a reverse sports parents when it comes to the science fair, because I never participated I've made it a mission to make sure my own kids do. To hell with being captain of the football team, get in there and make some DNA out of gummy bears pronto!At the science fair you can tell the science parents from the non-science parents in a heartbeat....more

First Week of Classes Reflection

 I just started my second semster of sophomore year of college, so I'm sharing my classes and what I thought of my first week!Check it out here....more

Did you really earn that grade?

My son had a spelling test the other day (never mind that he is only four). He came home with a lollipop and a reward report saying that he spelled all his sight words correctly. Except: He didn't....more

Getting on Track

I am starting school today. I have one more quarter after this and then I will be graduating from college. I am trying to increase my GPA and do really well in all of my classes this quarter. I have 3 classes and am determined to get at least all B's. ...more