What can you do with an English Degree?

Being a University student is probably one of the hardest things I've had to do so far in my life. Why? Well I had to move out of my home, and live with strangers. I don't get to see my family or my friends as much as I would like and I always seem to be lacking in the money department. Even getting student loans and working part time I'm scrambling just to pay my rent and let alone my phone bill, groceries etc. ...more

NaBloPoMo: Study Spots

Exam season is upon many college and university students and the struggle to find a spot in the library is near impossible. To be honest, I'm not one to be able to stay for very long at the library, unless it's inside one of the study rooms which, unfortunately, have to be booked ahead of time. Here are a few spots that I have found some sort of peace of mind and actually got work done (save for that 1-hour break I give to myself because I think I deserve it)....more

Minecraft vs. Study Island

Today's writing prompt is: Who is your favorite charater?  Being a reluctant reader of fiction, I had to think hard.  I enjoyed reading books when I was younger and had nothing better to do.  I challenged myself to read the entire series of Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary. My husband is a super good reader and read at college level by 7th grade.  I am still struggling on my 5th Harry Potter novel.  I love the stories, but I get distracted by so many things in my mind when I read.  I prefer non-fiction, self-help to be more specific....more


To kick off Blogging Month, I will answer the 2013 prompt about the million dollars in one day.  The tricky part of this question is I am very proud to be a frugal mom.  I will not be frivolous in my spending.  Since I am in the middle of an ongoing struggles with work, kids and family, I definitely want to help the greater good.  It won't do anybody any measurable or lasting good to buy a new house or a new car or material gifts.  ...more

My Son Found Porn On The School Playground

Principal: Your son and a few other students found a magazine with inappropriate pictures on the playground today. Me: Hmmm. Principal: It was inappropriate. There were body parts. Me: Hmmm. ...more
hayes080505 My gut tells me that the magazine was placed there intentionally by an adult.  The ...more

What should your kindergartner know? Sight Words!

 It was not that long ago that my main concern with our youngest was for her to correctly identify parts of the body, shapes, and colors and to keep the ABC song going when I dropped out out as ‘back up’.  Now, with my youngest baby starting kindergarten this school year I am reminded of two things:How time flies (sigh)....more

Parenting Tips: What Helps to Have a Smoother School Morning?

 A scary vision of me flying through the front door of school with teeth not brushed, one shoe on and dragging half- dressed children behind me is about the only thing that gets me to move well after the alarm clocks first warning.  I don’t know about you, but I am not an early bird....more

No One Wins the iPad: Are We Selling Out Our Kids in the Name of Fundraising?

He poured off the school bus and loped toward us with a goofy grin. He already had one hand in his backpack and was pulling out a folded up flyer. Oh no, I thought. Here it comes....more
I DESPISE the fundraisers.  DESPISE!!  I am a single mom and I typically just buy fifty bucks ...more

An open letter to my daughter's second grade teacher

So I attended my six year old daughter’s parent teachers’ meeting, and I have to say that I was not at all impressed. With you. The teacher. In fact, I’m a little upset.Why? Because after the headmistress gave her remarks and dealt with her issues and invited you to sit at the front of the class in order to address the parents, you decided to remain on the side to answer any questions. Well, I have to tell you that I felt disrespected - just a tad....more

Life in the Fast...Er...Carpool Lane

Today was the first day of school for my oldest son. When 2:30 finally rolled around, we were so excited to go pick him up! We hurried to the car and Little Kid, enthusiastically, started saying his oldest brother's name. "Yay! We're going to pick him up!", I replied.  Big Kid's school is only about 5 minutes away, so we got there quickly, almost.  I forgot.  It's the first week of school. I knew, at that point, that it was going to be a while, but I was not prepared for what was going to ensue next....more
@CelloMom On Cars Oh, how I would have loved to escape!  We were literally stuck, cars on three ...more