Who Will Your Child's School Call In An Emergency?

When was the last time you checked your emergency contact information at your child's school? For divorced parents this is often more complicated than for married couples. Each parent needs to take responsibility for ensuring that the school has up-to-date information. Not only that, you need to give very clear instructions that BOTH parents are to be contacted in the event of an emergency. ...more

School for the first time since '97

I am about to start school in one week.  I have not been to school since 1997.  I am about to be 34.  I live in the garage of my parent's house.  They are not proud of me for starting school.  I am bi polar, I have been going through therapy sitting on my ass for over two years now.  I believe it is time to get on my ass.  I am scared I will fail.. All I've gotten through my life, is "ya right"  and "let's see you do that."  Never have I got a "good job."  Let's see....more

Why girls get better grades

Why do elementary school girls do better in school than boys? It's not because they're smarter (although females just passed males for IQ scores!). New research says it may be because teachers assign girls higher grades based on the children's "approaches toward learning." One of the study's authors put it th is way:Teachers take a rough measure of what a child's attitude toward school is. These six items include:- attentiveness- task persistence- eagerness to lera- learning independence- flexibility- organization...more

Advanced Students and the Common Core Standards: What Should You Do?

Advanced Students and the Common Core Standards: What Should You Do? One of the greatest unanswered questions about...more

Keep Guns Out of School

Who hasn't been thinking about guns lately?  Unless you've been living in a hole, the debate about stricter gun laws has been at the top of every American's mind every day for a week.  First, with the initial shock and disbelief, of children and teacher's being gunned down by someone barely out of his own childhood;  and then every day since… courtesy of the media's overproduced stories of the fallout, the children, the burials and all of the families affected....more

The Pajama Parable

So yesterday was pajama day for Camden. I had told him that we would buy him a fresh new pair for the event. I picked him up from school, and headed to the store in pursuit of the pj's. On the way, he requested two pairs instead of just one. My immediate feelings were along the lines of exasperation. Camden is famous for wanting and begging for things, and I don't think he's quite grasped what it's like to be appreciative for the things he already has. So when he requested pajamas x 2, I started to protest immediately. But then he told me why....more
@Darcie thank you! blessings :)more

WHY dear Lord?

As I sit here watching my girls play, I wonder how such senseless things can happen. The minute I heard about the tragedy in Newton, CT, my heart broke. As the day went on and the reports rolled in and announced that out of the 28 that were dead - 20 were students - mostly a kindergarten class, my heart absolutely shattered. Those poor babies. How frightened they must have been. I cannot even fathom.........more

Kids from low-income families use their brains differently than those from high-income families

It's not necessarily shocking, but it is interesting.In a recent study of kids between ages 12 and 14, it was found that those from low-income families allocate more attention to unimportant tasks than those of their higher-income peers. ...more

5 states adding 300 hours to school year

If you live in Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Tennesee or NY, you may see an extra 300 hours of school time next year. Forty schools total will be adding hours to the day, days to the school year or both in an effort to add classroom time for a more well-rounded curriculum to include art, science, math and music.The funding comes from "shifting resources" from federal programs. The 5 states all received the waivers to No Child Left Behind. The pilot program begins in 2013. Hopefully more schools will be added after the three-year trial....more

I Am NOT A Soccer Mom

I mean that in the literal and figurative sense. Trust me, I am not dissing those moms that spend endless hours running their kids around to practices and games - they love it and they're great at it.It's just not me....more
@SadderButWiserGirl Yes... we've let them try what they want to and none of the sports have ...more