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The Slowing Season of Allegro

The string quartet swayed together, their bodies rolling with each beat of  Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, drawing me step by step down the aisle. My heart pumped in time with my feet, carrying me body and soul, closer and closer to this man I love, until we stood face to face, our breath intertwined, whispering “I Do”....more
Enjoy the quiet and cherish the noise. It's hard to find the balance between the two,but it is ...more

An unexpected turn

How I ended up in the world of "stay at home mom"-dom is slightly different than most of my friends. I taught in a school I loved after my first child was born. After the birth of my second child I did my first stint in the world of SAHM. After four very fulfilling years I was able go back to teach at my children's school. It could not have been more ideal. However, my daughter has a chronic illness that sometimes leads to long hospital stays. During the 2008-2009 school year the hospital stays became more frequent and my guilt of trying to be in two places at once did too....more

Jamie Oliver and Taking A Stand for Healthy Lunches

Later on that evening Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution was on TV. Now -- you may say that Jamie Oliver is a bit crazy; who does this guy think he is, coming over to America and telling people how to eat? Why does he care? Why should anyone listen to him, anyway? Does it really matter that 31 million children participate in the USDA’s school lunch program and 11 million in the breakfast program? Or that many of those kids are consuming up to half of their daily calories at school? He kicked the leg of the desk noisily as I squatted down to look him in the eye. ...more
@theoutcast I'm not sure if the fact that he is male makes a difference. I think more that he ...more

Beat the Bell: 10 Tips to Get Your School-Aged Kids Out the Door on Time

I'm not going to sugar-coat it; getting four kids up and out the door for school is a royal pain.  Especially so when I have to be at work in the morning, too, and can't do the drop-off in my pj pants, coat, and pontyail, coffee cup in my non-driving hand.  ...more
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