Your Race or Mine

Race is commonly based upon skin color, facial features, and hair textures.  There have also been groups designated as races based on religion, culture, social, national, ethnic, linguistic, genetic, geographical, and anatomical groupings.  This makes one wonder what exactly makes a person a certain race.  If it's religion, am I part of a Mormon race?  That makes no since since I'm from a convert family.  If it's cultural, then am I part of an educated race?  Well, that sounds quite elitist.  If it's social, am I part of a liberal race?  That doesn't ...more

Kid's Blood Samples Taken At Birthday Parties? Need Any Further Proof Vaccines Don't Cause Autism??

Children getting their blood drawn at a birthday party? Did the invite remind kids to wear short sleeves and skip breakfast?  Has this become an accepted party game along side the bouncy castles and treasure hunts?  It is if you're Dr....more

Brain and Cognitive Science Podcasts

I have been known to drift to sleep with my media player filled with episodes of science and speculative fiction podcasts. I do confess that in between the twilight and the snoozing I’m picky about what I put into my brain. You’d think I’d seek out boring speakers to help me sleep but my mind does not like the idea of forced ennui. ...more

STEM Education - The Power of the Investment

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education is getting a lot of attention from the White House and from private industry. As a non-parent, I really do have a stake STEM education. On the surface it seems like a good idea to invest $250 million dollars, since most of it is coming from Intel. Why should I care? The most basic reason? My own safety and survival. ...more

“My Soul Has Been Kissed” – The Power of the Pentatonic Scale

A video has been traveling around since June 2009. It moves from ear to brain to eyes and then passed along to the next person. I’ve seen all kinds of words to describe it from “Wait, no you really should see this.” to “My soul has been kissed.” There are lessons in science, music, community, shared knowledge and perhaps just a little fun. ...more

It is cool, I don't care how many times he's done it or it is a cognative group participation ...more

Which to Fund: Science Labs or Racial Equity?

A committee at Berkeley High School in Northern California has proposed eliminating science lab classes—and the teachers who teach them—in favor of funding activities and resources for underperforming students and closing the racial gap in performance at the school....more

If you do not have a functional science lab in your school you do not get to practice what ...more

Would You Sign Up to be a Human Subject?

Recently, Dr. Isis realized that the number of people volunteering to serve as human subjects in her research projects is way, way up.  She reports that in previous projects, it took her three years to recruit 100 participants, with about 20 interested (but not necessarily eligible) people responding to each call.  Earlier this month, however, she put out a call for subjects and received--within six days--300 responses.  Why, she wonders, are so many people suddenly so interested in participating in her research?  Was it better advertising, a local culture of research voluntarism, or is it that the financial incentives to participate are especially attractive during a deep recession?...more

How and Why Birds Sing! The Life of a Songbird

Beth Lawrence Viva La Voice "Inspiring The Artist In Everyone!" ...more

How do you give yourself to science?

A recent query on HARO was asking for sources who were considering donating their bodies to science. My husband and I have always been organ donors, and we both want to give all or most of our body parts to science. Reuse, recycle, nothing new, right? But have you ever thought about how you go about actually arranging it?...more

Miss School? You Can Listen in for Free.

There is a change in how education is being distributed, from elementary school to the college and university level. This is the time to ask yourself, "What do you want to learn?" I posed the question because there may be a free or open source education content that can fit your limited time availability, your energy and your desire to learn a subject. These are the beginning stages of an educational transformation. There is phenomenal educational content waiting for engagement. The class you need to feed your soul maybe as close as an mp3 recording or a video ready for download. ...more