Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers: a Review

Today’s review is on the book Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers by Funtastic Unit Studies. This book is by Susan Kilbride; we received a physical copy of the book in the mail, and did two units from it with our 4 year old, 6 year old, and 8 year old kids....more

Scientific Theories for the Existence of Soul/Atma?

This blog post suggests science is opening to the idea of possibility of soul/ atma. Debate is ...more

Family Fun Science Slme

Hello Sunshine! Well, I don't mind telling you that I am the annoying baby sister! My brother and I are only a year and a 1/2 apart so we always played toys together as kids. The neighborhood kid and my brother always picked on us little kids because we were smaller. I always followed my brother along because I wanted to be 'cool' and he always let me because he wanted me to stay out of trouble....more

Coconut Oil and Poop Transplants

Do you guys remember when, according to scientific wisdom, things like coffee, chocolate, coconut, and eggs were foods of the devil that would kill you dead as a bag of hammers if you took one bite? Well, I certainly do. If you had ever been coaxed into eating ‘fat free’ cheesecake and ‘no egg” omelets, you’d remember those days too....more

I wear two hats: living as a breast cancer survivor and a researcher

As both a breast cancer survivor and a public health researcher, I have a two-pronged interest in new research findings pertaining to breast cancer. Wearing my public health hat, I’m interested in new findings that relate to improved (less toxic, more effective) treatments for breast cancer, and wearing my survivor/patient hat, I’m interested in seeing if my personal experiences (both good and bad) with breast cancer treatment are reflected in the research....more

Writer's Quote Wednesday

This week's Silver Threading Writer's Quote Wednesday is about the paradox of science and wisdom....more

Welcome to My World: Where Sex, Science and Nature Come Together!

Your Sexual Self I write this blog with the hope that my personal story, matched with scientific knowledge, will help you to better understand who you are sexually. Learning about the places in life where Sex, Science and Nature come together can empower you to find fulfillment in the unique sexual person you are, as well as acceptance of yourself....more

Geeks Are Awesome: Careers in Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math for Women and Girls

Young women looking into the sciences as a career path need guidance and a female role model. In this podcast Dr. Francesca Catalano, Faculty Director for the Science, Space Studies and Environmental Science Programs at American Public University, talks about the importance of finding a mentor, why a terminal degree is relevant, career potential, and how women are trying to carve out their place in science, engineering, technology, and math fields....more


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A Science Experiment - Trying ALL the Old Wives Tales!

You may know this, or you may not, but my stunning amazing little sister is going to be having a baby in April!!! I'm crazy excited - I get to hold and smell and love on a new little one so soon, and Kelle is going to be an amazing mom, and it's all just so much to be ridiculously happy about that some days I think I may explode....more