The science behind hit songs - Part II

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DIY Clay Animal Zoo {Apologia Zoology 3}

Apologia's Zoology 3 DIY Clay Animal Zoo ...more

The science behind 'hit' songs

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7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence

I got a chance to interview Instructor and Lead Human Behavioral Investigator Vanessa Van Edwards. Her mission in life is to help you become the most memorable person in the room. She refers to herself as a recovering boring person who was uninterestingly bland. So she turned to science to overcome her dilemma. ...more

Waging Peace

The individual whose mind has tapped the unified field of consciousness is rewarded with increased harmony, efficiency and power in her thoughts and actions. ...more
Yes, it is simply a "concept" until one has Transcended... then it is simply the "truth".more


Either wondered why your Dad always claps out of time to his favourite songs? And yet he can recall and sing the tune until the cows come home? Science may have the answer....more

Science of Parenthood| Jessica Ziegler on MomCave LIVE

Who says parenthood fries your brain? On a new episode of MomCave LIVE, we talk about the Science of Parenthood with Jessica Ziegler. Jessica (along with her blog partner Norine Dworkin-McDaniel) is the mama behind the illustrated parenting blog, inspired by the madness of raising kids, which even science can’t understand.We discuss some of science’s sillier theorems. Like…...more

Scientific Theories for the Existence of Soul/Atma?

This blog post suggests science is opening to the idea of possibility of soul/ atma. Debate is ...more

Family Fun Science Slme

Hello Sunshine! Well, I don't mind telling you that I am the annoying baby sister! My brother and I are only a year and a 1/2 apart so we always played toys together as kids. The neighborhood kid and my brother always picked on us little kids because we were smaller. I always followed my brother along because I wanted to be 'cool' and he always let me because he wanted me to stay out of trouble....more

Coconut Oil and Poop Transplants

Do you guys remember when, according to scientific wisdom, things like coffee, chocolate, coconut, and eggs were foods of the devil that would kill you dead as a bag of hammers if you took one bite? Well, I certainly do. If you had ever been coaxed into eating ‘fat free’ cheesecake and ‘no egg” omelets, you’d remember those days too....more