Just last year...

It's hard to believe that just last year I had no idea what a Highly Sensitive Child was. Sure, I knew my son was sensitive about some things; I assumed he might be shy, an introvert maybe. Sometimes I just thought he was being difficult, defiant, purposefully trying to test me and push me to my limits. I was told time and time again that he was a "difficult" child, and although it drove me crazy, I eventually started to believe it.Just last year, we thought we were alone....more

Don Quixote and Cassandra's Lovechild

Scientists are a bunch of odd ducks who usually pay attention only to their own field, but the thing that unties us is that nary a one of us can leave a puzzle the hell alone. We want to know who, what, when, where and most especially HOW and WHY. Scientists, on the whole, vastly prefer facts to claptrap. Nevertheless, scientists are not impervious to culture and sometimes they interpret facts through a skewed lens. I am not claiming they know the Truth....more