Yummy Baked Scones With Herbs & Loads Of Cheese

I used to drool at the variety of scones available at the Tesco and Sainsbury’s supermarkets in Durham – cheese, cranberry, sultana, plain, herbs etc. They came in all shapes and sizes too – round, hexagonal, triangular and sometimes squarish as well. One scone per day was all it took to make me a happy maiden at lunch. Those were the good old days…...more

Blueberry Cream Cheese Scones

This quarter is almost over! (!!!!!) Spring break is just around the corner and I can feel it. The weather is getting warmer (and windier - that's San Luis for ya), and it's starting to smell like spring. I can't wait to have some lazy mornings, some days on which I'll do nothing but hike and ride bikes and lounge around....more

Lavender Scones with Vanilla Bean Icing

So, my first post. I can say for certain that I will not be dedicated to adding to this blog regularly at first since I'm on a hard core diet and striving to stay away from the kitchen. Anything that contains flour, butter, or sugar is totally off limits. Kill me now. Only 3 1/2 months to go and 10 more pounds to lose until the big day. Wish me luck. I need mountains of it. ...more

Savory Bacon-Cheese Scones

  Since I am participating in Charcutepalooza, I have a lot of homemade bacon in the fridge and freezer.  I have already cured another batch of bacon, and will be headed out to pick up more pork belly, probably sooner than later.  No more store bought bacon for me! Since I have so much of this delectable treat, I wanted to make something other than a BLT. I love scones and biscuits with cheese and other additions, so adding a bit of bacon seemed like a winner.  And it was....more

thanks for this recipe, it was delicious! question: what temp do you set your oven? I did 375 ...more

cranberry orange scones

My mother makes these scones every Christmas. They are famous in our family, especially when she also makes her maple walnut butter to slather on top. They are dense from the cream cheese, taste so fresh from the orange zest, and are bursting with cranberries. They are festive and delicious. ...more

I'm hungry now. I want to make these but I don't have time to do more baking. Boo! ...more

Eat Your Flowers.

 There's a reason I'm not a food blogger. I lack the required domestic genes. I love food. I love beautiful food. But I can't create beautiful food. ...more

I prefer to leave the stress of plate placement to the experts and just enjoy the taste of my ...more