101 Ideas for Your 101: Grab Your Passport

If I had the money and the vacation days, my list would be 101 Place to Visit in 1,001 Days. But even though we can't spend all 1,001 days gallivanting off to exotic places, we can certainly spend a few days gallivanting to fun places. Gallivanting for one and all! So here are some traveling ideas:14. Travel to all 7 continents 15. Go to Kalamazoo, Timbuktu, Kathmandu or somewhere else with a fun name 16. Go on a safari 17. Visit the Scottish Isles ...more

Katie Targett-Adams Forum Launched November 2008

Hailed by the BBC as 'one of Scotland's most talented musicians'  Katie, the singing/Celtic harping sensation, launches a new look on her official website: www.kt-a.com   Listen online and post a note sharing your musical thoughts with like-minded people.  Join Katie's community by simply clicking here ...more

One Onion And Three Tubs Of Bisto

'When I was poor in Japan, I could survive days eating only flour and water,' I say proudly. 'I'd make homemade chapatis,' I add to reiterate my point that, given our stricken financial circumstances, we can economise. Luke looks depressed. 'I'd hope at the age of 35, after working 17 years in a profession, and earning a good salary, I wouldn't need to live off flour and water.' He has a point. ...more

Macedonia Meltdown

'My wallet's been nicked,' Luke writes in a text from Macedonia, where he's covering the Scotland qualifying game for the World Cup. I think it's the World Cup. 'It had all, and I mean all, my money in it,' comes his next terse text message. '100 plus' is his third text when I ask how much he has lost. This is all we fecking need. ...more

Hebrides A Fascinating Vacation Destination

More and more folk are looking to spend a vacation in more unusual surroundings than the many popular beach resorts that they usually visit annually. ...more

Advertising Slogans Gone Wild: Scotland,Virginia and DHL

Advertising slogans are supposed to state the main benefits of the brand. Good slogans, make that great slogans, have a distinct personality of their own and are  hard to forget. Scotland used to have such a slogan. It was,"Scotland, the Best Small Country in the World." ...more

Just proves that advertisers can make anything sound like sex.
I entered "Web Teacher" and the ...more