You Can't Handle the Truth?

 Oh, yes Mister Nicholson. We CAN handle the truth!...more

Wisconsin Voters Reject Recall Attempt of Governor Scott Walker

In the 2008 presidential primary season, the late spring-early summertime blossomed with pundit opportunities, what with Hillary dropping out and Barack Obama consolidating his nomination....more
I won't get into an argument about why I support unions. I will say that high voter turnout is ...more

Wisconsin Dems, Labor Poised for a Loss on Walker Recall

On the day of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's tight recall election, Democrats and union opponents watch poised for a loss.Talks of a recount swirl despite Walker's polling showing he hasn't broken through the 50 percent threshold. However, he's fairing better than Democrat Tom Barrett who hasn't polled higher than roughly 45 percent since April.Walker's not the only one facing recall. His lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, and three Republican state senators also face the gallows....more
 @kelsonus Wonder if a "good news" story plays well for Romney in Wisconsin.more

The Wisconsin Budget Battle and our decision to move to another state

The current budget crisis and union protests in Wisconsin have put me in a reflective mood lately. And I'd also be lying if I said that the current situation down in Madison did not have some factor in our decision to move to another state. My husband and I made the decision to pack up and move from Wisconsin to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for several reasons. One of them being the job market. Budget crisis aside, the job market in Wisconsin is not very good, no matter how people try to spin things. The good paying manufacturing jobs have gone to either non-union, right to work states or overseas. Jobs that are comparable in pay to the old jobs require a degree. In other words, the person who got into the mill right out of high school and has worked at the same job for many, many years has to settle for something that pays a lot less than what they were earning. ...more

I've experienced that idiocy here in California. I had the skills and the job experience but was ...more