Scotty McCreery (meets a Type-A Workaholic?)

So….There is this thing going on where bloggers are asking famous people to respond to their tweets.The Bloggess & William Shatner;Old Dog, New Tits & Alec Baldwin;Scotty! Tweet me!And now…...more
PS…It would be REALLY cool if you all would help me get Scotty’s attention. After all, it IS for ...more

American Idol Contestant Scotty McCrerry Pitches A Varsity Game (Not)

Back in February, the News & Observer wrote about a North Carolina high school pitcher named Scotty McCreery, who at the time was facing a huge dilemma. Should he choose between continuing the "American Idol" contestant process or return home to pitch for Garner High's varsity team. He picked the former and we now know that turned out to be quite a good decision. ...more