magnetic words with *family* scrabble on the wall DIY!!!

in real life not on your iPhone, this is "words with family". magnetic scrabble tiles! yay!...more

Drinks & Apps

You know those friends who can’t be away from their iPhones for any length of time? (Like, um, ME, for instance?) These wine glass charms, made from upcycled vintage Scrabble tiles (letter visible on reverse) are sure to appease them with the comforting, familiar icons they love and need. Maybe it will even be enough to convince them to leave their phones in the car. Or, more likely, they’ll be snapping pics of your cool wine charms with their iPhones. ...more

Scrabble Scandal: Should Proper Nouns Be Allowed?

The world must be ending: Scrabble is allowing proper nouns. According to CNET, the rule change only applies to ...more

I'm a Scrabble traditionalist. They don't need to make it easier. People just need bigger ...more

Swimming with the Opposite Sex Could Lead to Scrabble

    I grew up going to summer camp and I LOVED IT. ...more

ManBlogguer: Les Affairs Capitalisme for the Nouveau Pauvre

Dear ManBlogger: What’s with guys these days? It seems everywhere I go I find classy and socially aware metrosexual men who don’t care a whit for football or videogames. Not only are they unlikely to desultorily repeat cheesy, unsubtle pickup lines, but in the rare occasion that they suggestively invite me back to their apartment, we just end up playing Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit. ...more