Kissing Pics Tell The Story

Building our marriage is also something we're doing for our kids! You guys know that quote--"The best thing you can do for your kids is love your spouse well"? Well, these pics will eventually be a life-long chronicle of us living out that quote. We plan to take one every year from now on. It'll be fun to watch the kids get bigger at our feet....more

Strolling Through the BlogRolls

Time again to visit some new-ish -or new to me- blogs rolling through the blogrolls.  Have you found the funny or slightly sad Craft Fail?  It's the blog where you can be honest about a craft project you've done that just didn't work out right?  Have a knitting nightmare-you can share it people who truly understand.  Experimented with using food dye on clothing?  Really, they'll understand.  Founder Kim Werker even shared her first knitted sweater: ...more

Scrap Book Journalling: The Write It Down Challenges

This past weekend, Shimelle's Write It Down journal challenge ended.  For February, she encouraged her readers and students to tell stories, small descriptive snippets, little imperfections, prompts to get scrapbookers telling better stories to go with their pages.  Good scrapbookers journal.  They write the story that goes with the photo and maybe they explain all the extra decorated details of the page. ...more

Scrap Booking. Why??

.I've been honest; I do not understand the craft of scrap booking.  It baffles me to no end.  What is the intent behind all the design elements used to create a page?  All the different papers, frames, other design elements, special fonts, all for just one or two photos?  So much time!  So much money for superfluous supplies. Do you scrap book every photo?  Or just the best ones?  If only the best ones, then what happens to the less than best?  Where can people find those?  ...more