3 Dangers You Need to Know About After a Skinned Knee

I never realized how serious a skinned knee could be until now. Last week, my little 5-year-old daughter was crossing a street along with a friend of mine when she slipped and skinned her knee. Of course, she began crying hysterically, and it was bleeding profusely, but I wasn't worried. After all, as the mother of two, I have survived what feels like hundreds of skinned knees and scraped elbows. I washed it off with a wet paper towel and slapped on a few Band-Aids, then sent her back on her way. ...more

Tuna and noodles from scratch

Tuna and Noodles from ScratchmothersapronstringsNeedless to say, canned “cream of….” is not my favorite. What’s in that stuff anyway??...more

Being back from the holidays - foodwise

Being back from the holidays - foodwise This is what is really happening after the holiday season. We way gained to much weight during those festivities, i am kinda feeling like a blob. I now just feel like a potato, just round, bland and mushy. Too much food, too much wine, too much sitting down watching old movies while eating caramels. Too much of "i have to taste this!". My ultimate weight barometer (if my pants fit or not) is still good, i can zip them up but i surely feel like a ball of dough. ...more

Report from the Scratch@MIT Conference: Empowering Everyone With Technology and Media

This weekend, I attended a dynamic conference at MIT for developers, educators and users working with the Scratch programming language. Scratch allows novices to program using graphical blocks that snap together to create interactive stories, games and animations. I decided to write my blogpost in Scratch. Click on the image below to watch it, then hurry on back! ...more

According to MIT, the core age group of Scratch users is 8-16, but that doesn't mean you ...more