Is it Really Possible to Love Your Children the Same?

I have a unique bond with my middle child and yesterday (chronicled in “My Dance with my Sugarplum”) made me really think about it. ...more
Of course not. Each HUMAN BEING is unique. To say you love each human being in your life, child ...more

Sunshines new tricks - milestones at 10 months

So for those of you that don’t know.  Sunshine is almost 10 months old now.  She can crawl really fast, and even faster when you call her name.  She loves going near anything that is “electricity”.... READ MORE...more

Dear God, make it STOP!

My son and I traveled from Baltimore, MD to Atlanta, GA last week to visit my parents, my in-laws, and some friends we hadn’t seen in a while.   I have serious anxiety issues when it comes to traveling with my son. At eleven months old, he is wiggly, squiggly, and unrelenting when he wants something. I know, I know, sounds like a “typical” (almost) 1 year old. I promise; he’s not.   ...more