Why I'm Letting Go of Screen Time Shame

If you want to jump right into the belly of the parenting beast in 2015, just mention the words screen time: a term that only emerged in the last few years to encompass all of the electronics in our lives and how much we use them. ...more
SparkhouseFam Thanks for reading and for the comment - I'm glad that it hit home for you. I ...more

6 Reasons I Love That My Kids Watch My Little Pony

Last year, when my son discovered My Little Pony on TV and sat with his sister, staring starry eyed at the screen, mesmerized, my husband was less than thrilled. We both have a pretty low tolerance for crappy kids shows, and he assumed that MLP fell into that category. I'll be honest (as always)- at first glance, it seems like fluff. The big eyed, sickeningly sweet-voiced, dramatic cartoon would not have gotten approval from me had I not overheard an episode while shooting off an email....more

How To Stop the Screen Time Madness

I don't think any of us start off with the goal of allowing electronic devices to rule our lives. None of us intended to be texting when our son or daughter hit a home run or shot the winning basket. We all got here somehow. Now even the young kids are on board, too. I see kids playing with their electronic devices everywhere I go. I see parents and caregivers playing/checking/reading too. My house and my life were controlled by electronic devices for a while as well. It all started about six years ago on my first son’s seventh birthday....more
Loved this. At first when I take away the electronics, my boys don't seem to know what to do ...more

Sunday Haiku: Pains in the Neck

Brothers and sister --Beloved pains in the neck,And they wonder why.Doctor. Lawyer. Black. Feminist. Scholar. Mommy. Wife . Bipolar survivor. Friend. Lover. Human. Child of God. ...more

We've all got the blues

When I did my 100 book challenge last year, I would occasionally (and accidentally) get a large print book from the library. I'd crack it open, see all the large typeface and think, "Wow. That's kind of nice."...more

Another reason to reduce screen time

On Fridays I let my son take his LeapPad to school with him so that he can play it in the afternoons. This is the compromise I've come up with as the school shows movies on Friday afternoons. I normally would not have a problem with movie time, except that the school often shows movies that are PG and not appropriate for my son to watch....more
I can't believe the daycare shows PG movies. It's ironic because the rating means parental ...more

iPads are Why Your Baby Won't Get into Harvard

Your kid may be the best screen swiper of all time, able to create giggle-inducing hairstyles in the Toca Boca salon app, but all those iPad hours are keeping your child from building the skills they need for future endeavours, including fine motor skills. We've long heard about how devices are affecting social skills, but now we're also hearing about how a lack of imaginative play can affect children long-term, behaviour-wise and skill-wise. ...more
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Trustful Parenting Experiment #3: Unlimited Screen Time

This will be the one where I’m going to lose a lot of you. I’m okay with that....more
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Waiting for my teacher to grow up

 My son is little; and he loves technology....more

Screen Time: Kids and Technology

The American Academy of Pediatrics just recently updated their recommendations on screen time for children and their use of technology.  ...more