Flashback to 1999. After several weeks of working in her first “professional” position, advertising sales at the local CBS station, Margie and a few of her coworkers decided to head out to an after work “Happy Hour” a few blocks away.Margie, Tina, and Darla – the three newest, youngest, freshest faces in New Business Sales. Margie had never felt better, remembering her drive home the night before – hitting the traffic jam and not caring. Santana’s “Smooth” was playing on the radio, and Margie was singing at the top of her lungs.She always sang when she was happy....more

Day 15. I Want It Now...Musings about my screenplay.

I want it now, am I giving up or giving in? Patience needed for revisions on my screenplay and resubmission to BlueCat Screenplay competition.

A Month of Wednesdays

Once upon a time two girls began writing—well, they are females, not young, except in heart, one considerably older than the other,  and once upon a time was four weeks ago today—Wednesday. The girls were Daughter Darling and me, and we decided to write a treatment for an Indiana Jones screenplay. A treatment is a narrative description following the plotline and characters of a screenplay....more