World Ocean Day! My Top 5 Steps To Becoming A Sustainable Seafood Foodie

World Oceans Day is almost here! On June 8th people all around the world, from Australia to Canada, will be celebrating World’s Ocean Day in different ways. For me, the best way to celebrate our ocean is to show our appreciation for the food it provides us with. What better way to do that then to take a step back and reflect on our practices when it comes to enjoying a nice seafood dinner....more

Blood Orange Kissed Sea Scallops over Champagne Risotto

This is my idea of the perfect Date Night dinner for your sweetheart.  It’s truly a special treat and requires a bit more effort in the preparation than your everyday meal.  It’s very romantic in color, smell and taste with champagne and blood oranges topping the list of ingredients.  ...more

Fish and Shrimp Green Curry

 Hard to beat a nice fish curry on a cool and rainy day.  I was delighted to find some cheap cod at the local store and some leeks still growing in the garden.  In the Northwest, it is common for some vegetables to survive the winters, but these guys were doing great.  Thai-style curries, such as this one, are much easier to make than many people think, ...more

How to Perfectly Sear Scallops

Have you always wanted to sear a scallop like they do in fancy restaurants? Well, look no further, because we have a step-by-step guide that will show you how to properly sear a scallop. The art of the scallop is in the pan. We used a cast-iron skillet to achieve the perfect sear. 1. It is very important to make sure that your scallops are dry before you place them in the pan. Use a paper towel and pat the scallops gently.   ...more

Brown Butter Lobster Risotto

Baked Salmon with Pecans


Easy Peasy Stir-fried Curry & Seafood Noodles

I have not cooked a Maggie mee recipe for more than two years now. It can’t possibly be that I am becoming healthier; it must be that I have forgotten about these recipes and left them in a corner of my bookshelf....more

Smoked Tuna Spread Recipe

Spicy & Real Sinful Fish Amok That Is Easy To Make

I saw this dish featured in the UK food show ‘Gordon’s Great Escape’ and decided to give it a try.Fish Amok, otherwise known as Cambodian steamed curry fish, is an Asian dish served as a culinary cuisine of the Kmer tribe. Anyone who embraces the marriage of coconut and curry would definitely fall in love with this creamy and piquant fare....more