Peach Ceviche for a South American-Inspired Summer Picnic

For so long, I lumped ceviche into the "that seems complicated" category, or the "leave it to the restaurants" category, but it turns out, it's stupidly simple. The recipe practically prepares itself. So here's to plantain scoops of citrusy fish, with bursts of fresh, summer peaches! ...more
I just bought a crate of peaches and using them in ceviche is brilliant! Thanks for sharing this ...more

#Friday night seafood feast

What's better than to start the weekend cooking some seafood on a Friday night?  Our answer to that ?...more

#Friday calls for seafood, always

To Be honest we enjoy our meats, vegetables, and breads, but in our house Friday is seafood day. Tonight we opted for some pasta with fresh clams. Most of you might scream when you find out we usually change the original classic recipe and use other pasta shapes other than the widely and commonly used spaghetti....more

Seafood Manicotti Recipe

There are so many different Recipes for Manicotti. Some stuffed with Chicken, Ricotta, Italian Sausage and more. This one is stuffed with Seafood, Spinach and Ricotta....more

Zucchini Soup with Roasted Shrimp

Zucchini Soup with Roasted ShrimpDay 19 of 30 Soups in 30 Days...(And in case you're wondering, no, my family isn't quite ready to mutiny over the fact that all we've been eating for the past two weeks is soup. They're getting close, though...)...more

Oyster Soup with Quinoa

This is a perfect kayaking trip or camping trip soup, for several reasons: first, it requires just one pot/stove burner; second, it requires few ingredients; third, refrigeration needs are minimal; and fourth, it's so good th...more

Sauteed Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

Valya's Taste of Home...more

Stuffed Calamari with Tomato Sauce, Polenta

Stuffed Calamari with Tomato Sauce, Polenta...more

The Importance of Seafood During Pregnancy

If you are a pregnant woman in todays world you have undoubtedly been warned against consuming too much seafood during pregnancy.  Concerns of contamination with toxic substances such as PCBs, dioxins and mercury are not to be taken lightly.  However, are the risks of NOT consuming seafood greater than the potential harms? ...more

Soy and Sesame Glazed Scallops

I love recipes that take minutes to prepare and look so impressive; this is one of those!