The People's Eyebrow

Today is a cause for celebration.Someone who's name rhymes with Shmierra is gone from our lives. Although I will miss her sparkle. More on that later.  First the ladies took a "sea plane" to St....more

America's Bachelor, My New Bff?

If I was a mature blogger, and able to take things in stride I wouldn't start of my recap with this but I'm shameless and I hate myself for doing it but here we go... Last week I posted my recap on twitter.My best friend Sara, who by the way is hilarious, and you should follow her on twitter (sir108), tweeted my blog link to Sean Lowe.  I didn't think any...more


Well after finally picking up all the underwear that I threw at the TV last night while Sean was on screen I think it's finally time to start the first "Bachelor" blog of the season!  I'm going to be 100% honest with everyone, I was more excited for the 10 minute countdown to this show than I was for the New Year... Like this kind of excited:...more