Off the Mat, Into the World: An Interview with Seane Corn

"We want to support anyone who is interested in engagement, but we want to help them do it in a way that is healthy for them, creates community, and creates longevity, so that everyone wins, and no one gets burnt out or sick. That is not what service should be about. It should be about joy, on every level." --Seane Corn, co-Founder, Off the Mat, Into the World. ...more

Yay! A new podcast to enjoy! Thank you for the recommendation! Have a fantastic weekend, Britt! ...more

Small Groups Can Change the World: An Interview with Marianne Manilov of The Engage Network

"It's not how many friends you have on Facebook, it's the depth of connection of our community ties that will keep us together and allow us to have political power together." ...more