Desperately searching for Pretty Cripple

I write a blog post once a week in an effort to engage and attract more followers. Pretty Cripple is powered by Wordpress, which comes with many useful plugins to help me gauge vital information....more

Choosing Keywords and Monitoring Analytics

What are Keywords?Ah, keywords. So simple, yet so complex, and so important to SEO!...more
@elaineR.N. I think you will have to take *most* of the credit! ;)more

Getting Started with SEO: Some Basic Principles

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a topic I get asked about by nearly every client, and many people who cross my path and learn I’m a web designer and blogger. People are simply mystified by SEO, and truly believe that it gives websites a super magical power. I think this is due to the vast amount of information (much of it conflicting) available on the internet. ...more
So I have to write my title differently and add different dashes, etc?  Forgive me, but I'm ...more

Get The Marketing Edge With WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress itself, without any plugins, has SEO functions, but you aren’t going to capture that top search result without giving yourself an extra edge. That’s why SEO Plugins are critical to a truly successful Search Engine Optimization plan....more

Capitalize on the SEO Benefits of Article Marketing

Web Success Team contributors Bob Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes discuss article marketing SEO....more

Searches, Queries and Key Words: Most Read Post Based on Traffic from Search Engines

Top Post This last week of 2010 I'm highlighting the top read posts based on searches....more

Ann Smarty, SEO Expert, Shares Her Secrets

SEO is just about improving search engine rankings. Most blogs (as well as most of my own blogs) do not really rely on Google's traffic. Most of us rely on communities we network in and social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook. I'll share my SEO tips further on but here I'd share the most effective non-SEO tips. ...more

with Ann Smarty is available now, ...more

Social Bookmarking

It is a well-known fact in the virtual world that social bookmarking sites can help increase your website ranking and traffic phenomenally! However, one fact about which a lot of website owners are unaware is that manual submission can really work wonders for your website, while the strategy of using software to automatically submit your website to social bookmarking sites can potentially backfire!...more

Internet Marketing - Tips to Dive In This Summer

I have just discovered that I've only been wading ankle-deep in the sea information about internet marketing.Believe me, I was aware that I had far to go before I reached Dara Torres-like domination of the subject - I wasn't even treading water - but I figured I was at least up to my neck.  That's certainly how it feels some days. ...more