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Is Google Taking Us Back to High School?

I remember high school. The socialites — the "soshes" or soc's or however you would spell the nickname (I never learned) — were the in crowd. The cheerleaders, the football players, the glamorous crowd who looked down on the rest of us. Something like Heathers, only moreso and without the violence. When it came to who mattered in school, they were the arbiters. ...more

I think a hub system would work better--sort of like hub airports--with each section of the ...more

You Want to Google What?

My seven-year old son came home the other day and pulled a notepad out of his backpack. “This is a list of words we can search, if we have the kind of computer that can connect to the Internet,” he explained. Of course, he already knows our computer can go online. Duh… As a blogger, I’m constantly online. Besides updating my own site,, I follow dozens of other blogs, along with checking Facebook regularly (okay, hourly!). By the time I’ve finished my first cup of coffee each morning, I’ve probably checked three different email accounts, sifting through the assortment of spam — Free shipping! Friends and Family Sale! Enter Our Sweepstakes! Impress Your Lady With Your Size! — e-list digests, and a few actual personal messages.    But my initial reaction to my son’s request to do research online is, Hey, wait a minute there! Why didn’t the teacher say something about this earlier? Is this age- appropriate? After all, these kids are only in second grade. ...more

The Saint Of Search Engines

My files disappear into my computer with great regularity - even the ones I name myself using such explicit language that I’m certain they’ll pop up when I need them.  Wrong.  Whatever language I used is not the language that comes to mind when I search for them. ...more

A Jew, a Search Engine, and an Infertility Blog Walk into a Bar...

What does Yom Kippur, a search engine, and a bunch of posts about infertility have in common? I'm not entirely sure myself, but these things always sort themselves out by the end of the post. So stay with me for the inevitable punchline. ******* Today is Yom Kippur, a day of atonement in Judaism. I have already said my apologies on my main blog: ...more