The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

First off, word of warning, this does contain spoilers if you have not watched it yet.One word sums up Sunday night's season finale of The Walking Dead - amazing. I mean wow, just when you didn't think they would go that far on TV. Being a huge fan and having read the comics, there are many scenes you just assume that they could never pull off on TV....more

Dancing with the Stars: The Finals Are Here! FINALLY!

I’m surprised to say that the three finalists are people who I’d never even heard of before the season started…and I still tuned in.  Because I’m a giver....more

Superstitions and HeartBreak

As I finished "The Road to Damascus" the 18th episode of Carnivale on digital cable. It was with suspicion I sensed season 2 was coming to an end. Carnivale had become my first love this past month. I couldn't bare to part with the sinister plot line.  I couldn't contain myself! I wanted to google and see how many episodes I had until the season finale....more

movie. But I suspect with the time and expense they took to make Carnivale. They wouldn't rush ...more

Battle of the Blades Finale

Battle of the Blades a new and very entertaining show came to a close this evening with the final results in from voting Canadians. As with anything like this we all have our opinions as to who was deserving of the win. I, for one, changed my mind three times over the course of the show and in the end voted for Claude Lemieux and Shae-Lynn Bourne. It was a tough decision but I felt they were consistent and technically superior....more