Local and Seasonal Fig Delight

The trend to eat local and seasonal produce is so popular in the UK nowadays that it’s almost at risk of tiring the ethical consumer and becoming a bit like one of those fad diets. However, it is useful to go back to basics and remember why it makes so much sense to incorporate it in your daily shopping plans and choices....more

Delicious Autumn

Every season has its own particular beauty and, while I enjoy each one in turn, I have always especially loved autumn. There is something about the ever-changing colours of the trees and the fresh crispness of the air that makes me want to take long, slow morning walks and ponder the ever-changing nature of life......more

Seasons Change..Command the Farmers Market and Your Budget

September is the perfect time to explore your inner locavore (a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food.) Your options are plentiful, there are end of summer selections like locally-grown tomatoes, corn, beans, stone fruit, and summer squash. The list is definitely longer than that, but go explore it for yourself.  There's still so much to be excited about, the cooler weather brings colorful winter squashes, savory mushrooms, and crisp sweet apples....more

Summer has arrived early at LisaGCooks.com

I love fresh vegetables!  I know it may sound fake or boring?  Honestly though, with summer  (almost) here, I have an herb garden that is insprining me to cook!The number one rule of Italian cooking?  Simplicity is best.  Check out my 'Italian Tomato Salad' at:http://lisagcooks.com/lisa-g-news/italian-tomato-salad/Check out my 'Roasted Vegetable Hummus'; low fat, high protein dip that is amazing as a spread as well;http://lisagcooks.com/lisa-g-news/garden-vegetable-hummus/...more

Try This: Morel Mushrooms

Morel mushrooms are spring’s special gift.A bit overdramatic, I know, but there are a few reasons... ...more

Halloween is NOT a Religious Holiday

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. Each year as it approaches, I find myself getting more excited, happy and more creative as Halloween crafts and costume ideas come to mind.I also find myself getting more annoyed by people who don't understand the holiday. The topic has come up several times on different mom forums where I am a member. Over and over again I read..."We don't celebrate Halloween because it's against our religious beliefs." or"We don't want to scare our children by celebrating this horrible holiday."...more
I know this is an old post but I just found you here on BlogHer (followed) and I have to ...more

Strawberry Empanadas

My little sister has always loved strawberries. When we were kids my mom couldn’t buy the strawberries fast enough. Her love affair with strawberries hit a bump in the road though, when she ate so many of them in one sitting that she broke out in hives. This happened despite her not ever experiencing an allergic reaction to strawberries. She had to quit for a while before she could enjoy them again....more

Your 2011 Christmas Tree Guide

With Thanksgiving behind us, it's time to scout for the giant cat toy…er, Christmas tree that, for many of us, will take over the living room for several weeks. Yes, it's messy and a bit of a hassle but I look forward to that wonderful pine smell and rediscovering all the gorgeous ornaments that have been patiently waiting in the basement all year long....more
We'd make room for you in the car, Heather, and I'd pack an extra sandwich for you, too! :) ...more

12 reasons why you should join this writing challenge

I'll keep this simple. I'll also keep it brief. Perhaps short would be a better choice of word.Back in June, I introduced BlogShorts: 30 short stories, 30 days, 30 words. It was an extremely tight challenge and it sure got yourknickers in a twist. Everyone who participated did a great job and very few went commando. (You know who you are.)...more