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Second Child? Totally getting shafted!So excited to be published on BonBonBreak today talking about the preparations for a second child....more
This is so true!  I have a 2 yr old and a 3 yr old.  My hubby and I are constantly feeling bad ...more

Thoughts On A Second Child

From the time we eloped the questions started, when are you guys having kids? A little presumptuous I thought but then there were the more subtle questions; Do you guys want kids? How many kids would you like to have? When would you like to start your family?  I was still processing the fact that I just eloped in Vegas, babies weren't really on our mind yet....more

Mom and Dad Loved You More!

Growing up, I thought that my parents loved my sister more than me.  I thought this because they were harder on me than my sister.  I thought my sister had it easier because it seem like my parents were lax as far as the things that she got a way with.  I thought to myself, "If it was me that did that, they would be all over me."  I thought my sister had more freedom than me.  If my class was going on a trip out of town, I couldn't go.  But a few years later, my sister's class had a trip out of town my parents let her go.  I could not understand why t...more


I cried over the loss of N’s only child status for months after Little K was born.  I worried I had ruined his little life – that two and a half years was not enough time to be the center of my world, and that he would feel completely displaced forever.  My intention was always to have a second because I grew up with a sister and think every child needs a sibling.  But the reality of that second child was a little different from what I envisioned....more

Thoughts on a Second Child

Since making the decision to become a stay-at-home mother to my 12-month old daughter, I feel like I have never been simultaneously so busy and had so much time to fill. It seems like my daughter acquires a new skill every day, and as I struggle to keep up and keep her entertained, I start to think back to the early days of lying around napping with a quiet and immobile baby on my chest. She is only 12-months old, but I still find myself looking back at old pictures and missing my baby....more

Bringing Home Baby #2- What they don't tell you and what I've learned (so far...)


Second Child

It was a big day for my little one. In my digital photo organizing project, I finally reached 2007.My daughter was born in the fall of 2006. For the last few weeks, the kids and I have been looking at photos and watching videos from my son's baby and toddler years. Although she is not in them, my daughter has enjoyed watching the videos more than anyone. Finally, she was the star of today's show....more

Which One Of Your Children Is Your Favorite?

Last week I peed on a stick and found out that I was pregnant. After the initial: "Holy crap, already?", and subsequent feeling of bliss and happiness, it hit me like a ton of bricks that my time with Kai alone is limited. I could feel the pain physically, I am not kidding you. My little angel, that is claimed to be the most kissed baby in the Universe, has 9 months before his reign is over....more
@Mama in the Middle Thank you! I know it will be great and I am so happy Kai will have a ...more

Going from One to Two Babies -- Joys, Challenges, and Stretch Marks

In case you've got either zero or one child right now and are contemplating adding another one to the mix, let me share with you a few thoughts on the subject:...more

Faith, Hope, and Love (and Prayer).

(originally posted at Slightly Overcaffeinated)My "baby" is about to have her second birthday, and I am completely unprepared. Unprepared for the party, unprepared for her to turn two, unprepared for life to go so fast....more