“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night….”

I had lunch last week with some former colleagues, all of whom – like me -- accepted an early retirement package our company offered to qualified employees.Even without that incentive, it has become common practice for people to leave our company by age 55 because of the generous retirement benefits, including health insurance.  In fact, as one of my lunch companions told me, the system had evolved over time to implicitly encourage this trend.  The buyouts simply accelerated that process.Some of us skipped out joyfully; some of us looked around and realized that -- ready or not -- it was time to go; some of us left kicking and screaming. The common thread?  Whether it was seeking full-time or part-time re-employment; consulting, or working on contract; starting our own companies or buying a franchise:  many of us weren’t ready (or able) to stop working. The latest exodus of early corporate retirees join a flood of 50+ adults losing their jobs due to the punishing recession. Any way you look at it, there’s an amazing number of highly skilled, hard working people looking for ways to continue being productive. And yet connecting people in this age group with opportunities is difficult....more

this post is. Thanks for alerting me to it on your comments about my recent blogpost. I am ...more

Web Exploring

I spend what some might call more than a significant amount of time online. Still, I can be a bit behind. Recently I have discovered the joys of Twitter and Second Life. TwitterI joined Twitter a while back, but didn’t really get into it until the last week or so. It’s really a lot of fun and you can waste a huge amount of time there, or not. That’s kind of the beauty of it... Read the full entry here. ...more

Todas Weblog House in Second Life

Todas is online since March, 8th, 2005 with the objetive of showing female works and ideas and projects done by women or about girls. Today we show to you Todas House in Second Life where we will continue talking about female projects at our virtual home, mixing themes with this weblog contents. Our objetive there is promote and comunicate webs, weblogs and virtual projects since the www into Second Life and viceversa, show you other interesting projects which are developed inside this virtual world, SL   ...more

Second Life Leads to Second Wife: The Second Life Divorce

So by now you may have heard of the "huh, that's weird" little news blurblet that is the Second Life Divorce. A UK couple who were married after bonding over their play in Second Life divorced after the female half of the couple caught her husband engaged in flagrante digitalo. That's right, he was cheating on her with someone else's avatar. This marriage is deleted! ...more

I am so more 20th Century than you.... lol.  I am sure I am more 20th Century at least by a ...more

Virtual Worlds, Social Media, & Social Justice

I'm coming up for air in physical life and immersing myself in virtual life after the U.S. election.  I've been a CODEPINK Women for Peace activist for over five years.  This election does not signal the end of CODEPINK work; we're not politically motivated, we are peacefully motivated.   <!--break-->U.S. ...more

I play like a girl. Which means I will pwn you.

Gamer. For most people that conjures up an image of a geeky teenage boy sitting in his room in his parents' house talking on a headset to other geek friends who have no lives. I am here to tell you: That is so 1990! Today gamers are teenagers, men and, yes, women. In fact, women who game are quickly becoming more mainstream. We have slammed open the doors to the gaming world and we are storming the gates. (Or in gamer speak: When you get pwned, there is a good chance it was a woman who pwned you.) ...more

Gamer here.  Editor-in-Chief over at GamingAngels.com actually.  It's nice to see someone here ...more

BlogHers go Racing in Second Life!

While thousands of women Bloggers assembled in San Francisco for the BlogHer '08 Convention this weekend, Second Life BlogHers had plenty of chances to hang out inworld at the BlogHer conference in Second Life! ...more

Are You Drowning in Technology?

Do you feel as if you are drowning in the sea of new technology? Linked In, Jott, Twitter, Second Life, Ning, FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, Google Docs... It can be overwhelming if you feel as if you must do it all. Before you give up and sink completely, let me throw you a life vest. ...more

Do I Really Need A Second Life?

I've been feeling lately like I did back when I was in school. All the cool girls are going to the big slumber party (BlogHer '08) and I'm going to be stuck at home with my parents making peanut butter cookies. I really want to go to Blogher, but the cost was a bit prohibitive, especially the part where I get from here to San Francisco (OMG SF, I love that town!). I've got an expensivish writers conference in November, so I had to do one or the other. ...more

My Son Learns to Drive ...Again!

My son is taking driver's training lessons right now. This would not be anything exciting for most mother's however, my son is thirty-five, got his driver's license when he was 16, had a car accident in 2005 which resulted in paraplegia and is learning to drive again with hand controls! I am so excited, worried and proud of his desire to get right back into life and have his freedom back and participate in life more fully. ...more

All families face challenges and none are more difficult than if one of your own children is ...more