I Never Thought I'd Be Married a Second Time Around

I never thought I’d get married, never thought I’d have kids, never thought I’d get divorced, DEFINITELY NEVER EVER thought I’d get remarried, God forbid....more
jcventry  Everyone deserves a second chance to get it right. (Or even a third.) What I've ...more

I'm Getting Married Next Week...And The One Reason I Almost Called It Off

The Spaniard and I are getting married. Not in the let’s-get-married-someday kind of way, but in the it’s-happening-in a-week-or-so kind of way. Because of our multi-year engagement, we’ve been asked countless times, “So, are you guys ever going to do this, or what?” My fallback answer? “I don’t know.” And that was the truth. I didn’t know. ...more

Joining the Divorce Club

For those of us who have been divorced, indubitably at one time or another, we turn the magnifying glass on ourselves and question our judgment. We scrutinize every move, every red flag missed, every sign we ignored. I [thought I] wanted something, I tried it, I gave it my best, and it didn’t work out [according to original plan]. It doesn’t really matter the reason – I thought “forever and always” and instead I got “until now.” ...more
Tonight, I needed these words. Thanks.more

So, is it the same this time?

When I was a 15 year old run away under the influence of drugs, alcohol and the heady feeling of hormone induced invincibility, I met and got knocked up by a 24 year old man. Abortion never entered my mind and I married the abusive sperm donor. We went ahead and had two more babies and started living the American dream. In a trailer. No? Not your dream? Wasn’t mine either really. ...more

A Musing on Remarriage

by Laura Baudo Sillerman for Women's Voices For Change Breakfast this morning with the widower of a friend now nearly four years gone. He told me he’s getting married in the fall. Of course, I wished him well and felt grateful that he’d waited this long. Walking home I wondered about loyalty and how to manifest my continuing devotion to the woman and inspiration I miss each day. ...more